Project Day Zero

Inspired by Sammy Dee I thought I’d play along because I like a challenge, love a list and enjoy a fun packed life (and have time on my hands)

My 101 in 1001 starts 7/8/11 and is also posted at the official website: if you think you can help me, or would like to join me on any of the mentioned challenges, as long as you aren’t mental and I haven’t already done it, feel free to comment. Obviously red means done.  Where lists and proof/photos are required I will post on my regular blog page.

Other inspired, intrepid 101-1001ers include:

  1. Make a blurb book, or self published book/magazine
  2. See an Opera
  3. Have an art exhibition, even if it’s just in my house
  4. Visit North America (first choice Canada, second USA)
  5. Eat a live/raw Oyster
  6. Go back to Life Drawing classes
  7. Publish (proper publish not self publish) prose longer than a short story
  8. Run a workshop/class of some kind
  9. Make an encouraging/motivating banner and  anonymously put it up
  10. Go ice skating
  11. Grow a goatie for a month
  12. Get friends round for homemade pizzas
  13. Write/draw a graphic novel
  14. Do a come-dine-with-me dinner party competition
  15. Publish my own magazine, showcasing new writing and my own art
  16. Repair something rather than throw it away – does my car count?
  17. See the Blackpool Illuminations
  18. Do a photoshoot with friends, where portrait shots are the focus
  19. Write a press release of some kind about my writing for my local paper
  20. Join a rambling club for a day
  21. Go to the theatre
  22. Go to a rugby match with my brother (tickets bought England versus Wales) see pics on my 365
  23. Interview someone and write a story about their life/experience
  24. Photograph snow
  25. Cook a soufflé
  26. Make some street art
  27. Have Sashimi
  28. Grow strawberries, tomatoes and potatoes
  29. Do afternoon tea properly
  30. Visit one of the Scottish Islands
  31. Climb Ben Nevis
  32. Climb Watkins Pass Snowdon
  33. Write ten poems and hide them in ten items destined for other peoples use (0/10)
  34. Wild swim (not in the sea)
  35. See a musician that I love live (Emmy the Great booked for 10th Oct 2011 Blind Inst.)
  36. Make a fire
  37. Go to Hellfire restaurant Manchester before it closes
  38. Visit Norfolk
  39. Go to the Manchester Picnic
  40. Watch fifty movies (5/50) I’ll post the list when I’m done, with mini reviews.
  41. Make my own pasta (again)
  42. Award a prize to a blog subscriber based on a landmark of subscribers reached
  43. Run a competition of somekind on my blog
  44. Sell some of my art originals on a website/my blog
  45. Join 5 organisations/clubs if only for a day (2/5)
  46. Visit the Peak District
  47. Join Twitter
  48. Do a month of critiquing prose and poems for free on my blog
  49. Congratulate a stranger on something they’ve done well
  50. Lay flowers on the grave of someone I knew who died
  51. Read the bible from cover to cover (Up to Leviticus)
  52. Throw a house-party
  53. Drink a £20 (at least) bottle of wine.
  54. Go on a demonstration/protest, and if there isn’t one, make one
  55. Finish 365 project, one photo a day for every day of 2011
  56. Buy the full set of Sharpie pens
  57. Do an unfinished story on my blog for others to suggest an ending
  58. Smile at everyone I pass for one whole week
  59. See a gig somewhere intimate – Emmy the Great
  60. Watch a sunrise and a sunset in the same week.
  61. Go on 3 pilgrimages, to: (a) My grandparents old house in Withington
  62. (b) The house I lived in for the majority of my childhood in Daisy Hill
  63. (c) Bangor where I studied to be a teacher – halls of res.
  64. Don’t swear, curse or blaspheme for seven days, even under my breath
  65. Do a cookery/bakery/dessert course
  66. Set off Chinese lanterns
  67. Watch the fireworks on bonfire night from the West Pennine moors with friends
  68. Go to a petting farm/zoo where you can shear a sheep and feed a lamb
  69. Go vegetarian for a month (ooo this is going to be soo hard)
  70. List 100 things that make me happy
  71. Sleep under the stars
  72. Go camping
  73. Go on a road trip
  74. Complete a colouring book
  75. Have a NYE night out instead of a house-party, and go somewhere cool
  76. Say yes to something I wouldn’t normally do
  77. Have a clear out and throw away/give to charity everything I haven’t used within 12 months
  78. Swim in the Sea
  79. Inspire someone to do a 101-1001 list
  80. Redraft my novel and send it off to publishers
  81. Attend a beer festival
  82. Read fifty books off my list of 750 books to read before you die (2/50)
  83. Eat only food from the supermarket with yellow reduced stickers, for a whole week!
  84. Visit Lytham St Annes
  85. Get a phone I can email from (HTC Wildfire 18/8/11)
  86. Write fifty poems (7/50)
  87. Have an NFL night
  88. Spend all my Clubcard points
  89. Use my car only if unavoidable – commute by bicycle
  90. Watch a film at an outdoor cinema
  91. Run the fourteen miles to Rivington Pike and back
  92. Do 10 new recipes from my cookbooks (pumpkin pie, sticky toffee pud, beer butt chicken)
  93. Buy a new camera, either a Polaroid or Lomography or DSLR (Canon 400D)
  94. Get business cards
  95. Have a t-shirt printed which advertises my blog
  96. Go on a Manchester 365 photo trip and meet other Manchester 365 members
  97. Visit three capital cities
  98. Go to an auction
  99. Do a hundred-postcards art project leaving my art around town for people to find
  100. Make my own beefburgers
  101. Register Self Employed as a writer/photographer/artist

34 thoughts on “Project Day Zero

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  2. You came up with the last 30 pretty quickly! I’m still only on 85. I’m going to steal a few [more] of your ideas. 🙂 You had a flurry of activity this weekend – Will you be crossing some off already? Ideally you need to complete one task every 10 days. (Not really possible but you can try).

    • I didn’t do it with the question ‘is this quantifyable’ in mind though so they aren’t great. Steal any you like. Some of them are rubbish like ‘spend my clubcard points’ but I have been saving them for like two years. Post your 85 and top them up in time?

      • I’m up to 90 now 🙂 I reserve the right to substitute easier ones for something harder if I come up with more than 101 ideas.

        Clubcard as in Tesco? You do know they have a shelf life? Get spending! lol

  3. Ĥello and Welcome and really pleased you’re joining us!

    Sashimi is delicious! I just completed a spa experience with my daughter in June and I can tell you I really enjoyed it.

    We set off Chinese lanterns a couple of years ago as a surprise at an engagement party. We tested one out the day before to see how it worked and it looked amazing. Unfortunately on the big day it was very windy and the only lantern we managed to light crashed burning into the neighbours shed. It was all quite exciting. (But probably safer to do on a non-windy day). I’m sure you’ll really enjoy it.

    My twitter name is pigsdontswim – I have some of our 101ers on a list there. Let me know when you’ve joined and I’ll add you!

    Wishing you much fun and great success.

    • Hey I just added you on twitter, cool. What does it mean to be part of ‘our 101ers’? support and forgiveness when things get tweeked down the line to make them more achievable?? he he. I once was at a party where they set them off and exact same happened, too windy, I want to do it properly. Yeh Sashimi is one of those few things I ain’t done, is it always tuna or salmon??

      • Put you on my twitter list. (Yay, one of your tasks can be ticked).

        Yep, we try to support each other. For example, tomorrow I’ll write an update (hopefully) and I’ll include that you have started up and that will hopefully send some extra traffic to your blog. I’ll add you to my blogroll on the side, that will definitely give you extra traffic as other new people will come and look at your list in the hope of finding ideas for their own.

        On Twitter, I’ll list you too. Some of the others have copied my list (I think that means they can see your tweets too – maybe they have to add you to see your tweets but they will see your name at least).
        Twitter is good to attract new readers to your blog. If you write an update for example and you tweet it to me or others on the list, I/they can retweet it and then some of my/their followers will click on it and also read it.
        Also it’s a quick way to get in touch with the other 101ers if your having problems like you said. 😉

        Feel free if you want to put a 101ers blogroll on the side of your page. You can take the names from mine (they’ll be three more on tomorrow).

        Sashimi: I had only tuna and salmon but you can have other fish like squid. I suppose it depends where you go.

        Stay safe in Manchester there (saw the news, horrid).

      • Yeh Manchester’s fine now, as long as it stays so during the weekend. That sounds great. It took me about four months to work out how to put currently-reading on my blog, so leave the blogroll stuff with me!! I’d want it on the tab 101 in 1001 and not on the home page that way it makes more sense because I mostly blog about writing. I shall see. Thanks for the advice. I’d try tuna I think because raw squid, the idea of, does very little for me. Salmon i’m not sure about. Where in England are your from and where in Germany do you live now? I’ve only visited Berlin and Hamburg, Berlin I didn’t like, Hamburg was pretty cool.

    • Hi Sarsm, I didn’t know you were on Twitter too. I’ll have to find and add you. I’m @SammyDeeMM – Not the most inspirational name in the world – @pigsdontswim is a far better name! (One I might actually remember too).

  4. You know, we had so many private behind the scenes discussions about our lists I kind of feel cheated that we didn’t discuss them on our blogs. Now that we’ve published our lists we have nothing more to say. Doh!

    • We have nothing more to say to each other? Or there’s nothing left to debate about the actual lists? Yeh the banter has reduced somewhat this week, did you manage to read my last email, you said you couldn’t see it on your phone? I still had responses from your long email last week about the 101 mainly, but didn’t want to bombard you.

      I’m realising long standing challenges will be the toughest, like bake my own bread at least once a fortnight, for 2.75 years!! the easy ones will be the one-offs. Its pushed me to keep up with my 365 photos already, and I wouldn’t have signed up for scuba diving or gone to MAD ramblers, even though it was before I posted the list I was already becoming more proactive in anticipation. I’m saying yes to most things at the moment.

      • Lol. I meant we’d discussed our lists behind the scenes but if we’d had them here in public instead other people could have joined in. The banter had reduced somewhat last week – Both busy people :-p

        Are you seriously going to bake bread every fortnight for 2.75 years?! Insane! How do you find the time? I’ve only ever baked banana-bread. Does that even count? The whole leaving it somewhere warm to rise etc sounds like a chore. I would like to try it though, at some point. Challenge 91 for me?

        I know what you mean about becoming more proactive in anticipation – Although I haven’t actually done anything yet (started a few) I’ve been doing research into several of my challenges – Fencing lessons, skiing lessons, got someone speaking to a farmer about sheering a sheep and/or milking a cow. (Did I even put that on my final list? I can’t remember. Even if it’s not I’m still doing it if I can!)

        You mentioned another time that you were saying yes to everything this year. Have you agreed to anything that turned out to be awful at all?

      • Just dug out the email I hadn’t responded to properly. It had been buried under all my new emails. Sorry! I had read it and responded a little I just couldn’t scroll around the message when writing on the iTouch so I couldn’t remember everything you’d asked me. (Not iPhone sadly). Come on, you know what its like when the pub is calling! ;-p

    • Love the idea that you’re just profering help to various local farmers. I’ll put snowdon in my diary for next Spring/Summer. I had never heard of this project until you said, I don’t know why you don’t just tick off that one, I say yes to things easily doesn’t mean you didn’t convince me. And saying yes hasn’t got me into much trouble, except I signed up to some scuba diving course for £5 someone emailed me the other day and I haven’t worked out when the hell that is because all the emails are criptic. I said yes to a gig in October which means I’ll have to miss an MA class. Might get into trouble. Isn’t there a farm in the area set up for that kind of thing? what was wrong with your DVLA app. do you know you can do it online and share info with the PA? if you have a recent passport photo.

      • I can’t tick it off right away – You agreed before I’d even written it on my list. That’s got to be cheating, surely? Ok, Ok, I’ve half ticked it off now.

        £5 scuba diving – bargain! :-p Why are the emails cryptic? Have you used Groupon or Living Social or whoever it was with before? The final email should have an attachment with a voucher and a phone number?

        I wish I could do my DVLA app online. Unfortunately I’m changing from paper to plastic and changing my name and changing my address. You can’t do all three online in one go. I filled in the form correctly with my recent passport photo and details of my digital passport – I did exactly as they asked – But whoever looked at the form didn’t bother to turn it over and look at my PA details so they sent it back citing insufficient ID.

        Nonsense! They have everything they need! They wrote that I need to send them either my physical passport (It’s digital! Use the PA details I sent you!) or my birth certificate to prove I’ve changed my name. (How does my birth certificate prove I’ve changed my name exactly?!) Very frustrated. Can you tell?

        I don’t want to send them either of those documents. It could take up to 6 weeks for them to return the passport (assuming they don’t loose it, which they have a reputation for doing). What if I want to go on holiday?

        I’m thinking of getting a new application form and starting all over again but sending my wedding certificate instead. Of course that means I have to fork out for a copy of that certificate before I can do it. Grrrr. And to top it off their office was closed over the weekend and all day today until later this evening so I haven’t been able to phone them and demand to know why they are so incompetent!

        (lol) OK, rant over. You did ask. 😀

  5. I can’t seem to reply up there!!

    Glad all is well again in Manchester. I was born near to Birmingham (Redditch) then aged 9 I moved to Scotland, near Edinburgh. In my youth I also lived in Cumbria for 18 months.

    7 years ago I moved to Southern Germany. About halfway between Munich and Stuttgart.

    I’ve not been to Berlin or Hamburg!!

    I wouldn’t fancy raw squid either – I don’t even like it cooked! Have you eaten sushi before? If not, I would recommend doing that first. The raw fish is then in much smaller quantities and you could find out which types you actually like. I love sushi and eat it quite often, but I did find that a whole plate of raw fish was quite a lot!! Or perhaps you could try it together with a group of friends?
    At first I liked tuna the best. And it took me a little while to get into raw salmon – but now it’s my favourite!!

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  7. Nice list and welcome to the 101 Club a.k.a. Day Zero 🙂
    Do you have a pasta rolling thingy for the pasta making? (curious to see how that one goes).
    I’ve added you to my list of 101’ers, excellent to have you joining us!

      • ohhh I’m requesting photo’s please when you make your pasta….
        …I’d love to give Himself a pasta machine but am scared it would also become unused furniture and my kitchen is miniscule so I’d really appreciate a really honest review of how things go on your pasta challenge.

    • Well it cost £10, which these days must be about 10 euros, but it was in a charity sale. I wouldn’t spend like £40 on a fancy one. I will use it and take pics (as long as it turns out ok) and they’re easy enough to store, they break down into three. Actually scrap that, they are pretty awkward and tough to clean but isn’t that true of all kitchen extras, I have a juicer that takes longer to clean than my car.

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  10. I love to comment on lists – hope you don’t mind my random thoughts…
    32. Great one! I too want to do this [also always really tempted by the 3 peaks challenge…]
    52. Hard work…
    59. I definitely think I do this most the time. Be prepared for people to look at you like you’re an idiot.
    75. Brilliant – the artist inspired version hey!
    82. If you’re going to do it properly do Oktoberfest in Munich…
    88. What’s NFL?
    99. Really random but excellent item! Don’t get twitchy,..

    • NFL is National Football League I think, it’s what American Football is called. I’m certainly not a sports fan but my brother is and I put two challenges which involved joining him in some kind of sporting event. We watched the big final (superbowl??) last year with beers and American style ‘potato chips’ and it was cool and they’ve just built a big new rugby stadium near when he lives.
      Now…I’ve been to Germany and I don’t think I’ll go back. Bolton in Greater Manchester runs the biggest beer festival in Britain, did you know? Every year and its in aid of childrens charities, they raise like £90,000 a year for kids charities! Well I’ve worked it for the last four or five years, I run the cider bar selling somerset ciders! So it’s an easy one to tick off come October. They get 16,000 people through the doors. Great event, put it in your diary.

  11. I did not know! I’m not a beer / ale drinker, try as I might I just don’t like it. CIder however… I love it so much I took a special camping trip to herefordshire to do a cider cycling tour we made up! I may well look the Bolton festival up!

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  15. Hi, I am a new 101er and I just want to meet everyone in Sarah Sarsm’s blogroll. You have a lot of great ideas for your list. Good luck with them 🙂

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