Dave Schofield is a Manchester based first class art graduate.  Alongside a wealth of experience in printmaking, painting and drawing – and a PGCE in teaching art, he also enjoys Creative Writing and has a Masters degree in writing fiction.  He has published poetry and prose in the UK and overseas since 2002.

Dave is an experienced photographer, specialising in model portfolios, beauty and portrait work.  His portfolio profile can be found here.  He is available for paid work, interesting TF projects, tutoring, mentoring and collaboration, and can be contacted by email at




12 thoughts on “About

  1. Wow I love the new site Dave, looks really good. I’ll have a proper nosey around this week, lookin forward to read your recent posts.

    • Hey I got to a dead end with the currently-reading plugin, people told me I needed a dot.org to apply that kind of thing, I found an amazon link plugin but I couldn’t see where to paste the link to make it work. confused.

  2. Teaching and writing is a nice combination, isn’t it? How have you found moving to writing fulltime? That’s what I’m going to be doing from March onwards. My school doesn’t have enough pupils for me to work fulltime anymore. An excellent opportunity to spit out a novel if only I could! Would love to read some more of your work. If you think I might qualify for category B feel free to pop me up. I need to sort out a blogroll too.

    • catigory B! Hey how did you see that I thought I deleted that?!?
      Well I write 40 hours a week at least, whether that qualifies me to say I write full time I don’t know, I also work at a local university, but only 10 hours a week. I used to love teaching kids, when I’m rich and famous (unlikely) I’ll go back to it but as an outsider able to teach what I want. I love writing though, and photography. Have you written a novel before? I’m trying to write one currently, started last Monday I’ve nearly finished 10 chapters, 15000 words. Do you send stories off or publish anything? That’s the most I’ve done on one topic in over a year, I usually write short stories. Thanks for commenting! Don’t you hate the term blogroll, I expect it’s supposed to sound like bog-roll.

  3. Hey,
    I happened upon your blog – really great! I’m currently teaching in Manchester and I feel a bit like I’m working two jobs because I come home and spend all evening writing! At least they’re two things I really enjoy doing!

    I’ve not been living in Manchester too long but I’ve been trying to find out a little more about some of the writing opportunities around and about… got any suggestions about where to look?

    • Well first of all welcome to Manchester. I like your blog. I did a bit of teaching back in the day.
      Writing wise I’m not in any groups at the moment, I do attend a book club though once a month in the northern quarter, the next book is Northern Lights. Bad Language is a really good spoken word night at the Castle on Oldham Street, and I believe there’s another book club recently started at the Arndale Waterstones. Nanowrimo is big in Manchester, and Madlab sometimes run writing courses and events on Edge st. If you write speculative fiction google manchester speculative fiction, that’s a well established writers group. Sorry I can’t be more help, oh and there’s a monday writers group at the Quaker meeting house behind the town hall.
      xx what do you like to write?

      • Wow… that’s a fair bit of information! Thanks!

        I’m mainly into sci-fi/fantasy have written a few short stories and I’m currently attempting to write a full length novel! 38,000 words in and I’m having a whale of a time!

        Thanks for your help! I’ll be keeping a cheeky eye on your blog!

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