End of an era

So I finished my Masters.  I submitted my dissertation piece last Tuesday, and also at the same time resigned from my university job which has reduced my hours over the last few years to just nine a week, which had become a bit of a joke.  These are not the only changes in life at the moment, WordPress wrote me that my yearly payment was due and I declined it so my .com blog will come to an end in a month.  That’s not to say I won’t ever blog again (although my recent record is terrible) but I’ll just have http://www.manchestersartisticson.wordpress.com

It’s a big change blog wise, so I’ll take this opportunity to say thanks guys to all the folks who passed through.  The photo enthusiasts who found the site through the tags and Twitter, and the nice ladies who followed the 100 challenges in a 1000 days task, I hope all y’all are getting on better than I did. And my friends through book club and in real life, THANKS!

So cheers for following my two year meander through photo, art and writing.  What will Post-masters hold for m? , I hope I keep scribbling, but I don’t see me publishing much (Duotrope has gone to a pay site and I never made enough to make it worthwhile anyway) but I’ll keep producing something.  Photo-friends check out my flickr which is now going to be my main photo upload site


And if anything momentous happens I’ll promise to drop a note in here.  Thanks for all the comments guys!



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