Happy New Year!

Well hope 2013 is super amazingness.  I totally ran out of steam these last few months with blogging, but don’t fear I’m still photographing like mad.  Thought I’d post one or two of my fav photos of 2012 for your viewingness – and because its kinda that time of year for retrospection.

Copy of jjjj9




I love this shot, you might disagree but it was taken on a rangefinder and the framing and focus is kinda hard sometimes (It was the Rollei F and it didn’t have a funny little rangefinder double picture thingy.  And I was challenged by a fellow photographer to take a shot of some grand architecture.  I was happy.


1Then this landscape from near my house, bit gloomy, it was foggy, but this was one of the first few rolls I developed myself and it was taken with some old technical pan, well it was branded as something else though.  Maybe I should have developed it for longer, I dunno.  but I liked the magical science of it all.

misha04004Another shot I’m pretty happy with.  I booked this model to shoot an Edwardian style shoot, and my friend in Australia Peter had sent me a roll of technical pan that had expired in the 1980s.  I shot it in my 1949 Zeiss Ikon Nettar and then messed with the developing (even turned on the lights whilst it was in the developer) to get some cool distressed effects.  I was super happy!

hpqscan0006Then me and a model shot in a mad derelict powerstation.  That shoot was significant because I used some cool new stuff I was investing in – an OM camera with 50mm Zuiko f1.4 lens.  And because I loved shooting in a weird location and I’m gonna do that more in 2013.  Also because I developed and scanned old school on my bedroom floor in one of those light tight bucket things.  Whoop!

Overall a good year for experimentation and a few nice shots too.  2013 holds some exciting things I hope, well it flipping well should since I just shelled out on an OM2, a Contax 137 and a Minolta XD11.  No one reading has probably heard of those bits of kit, but basically if it was still 1985 I would be the daddy.

Get in touch if you have any photo or camera questions, and if you’re Vogue magazine and want to hire me for a cool retro shoot then drop me a line, I’m pretty cheap. x

admin *at* manchestersartisticson *dot* com





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