Shoot with Peach

So last month I had a great shoot, or rather –  a bad shoot (rain – cold – lack of direction from me – boring old Rivington) with a great model.

I got some great shots of Peach, a model from Bury, and hopefully we’ll shoot again since the rain ended play.  All the shots I’ve chosen to upload are SOOC (Straight out of Camera) that is, unaltered in post processing,  The light was lovely, and although I’ve done a lot of photoshop work with the pictures these show how great the initial shots came out.  Thanks for any comments and such.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’ve become a pretty part-time blogger.  Tune into my daily photo project if you are missing me!!


5 thoughts on “Shoot with Peach

  1. You’re blog has obviously missed me. It’s taking revenge by refusing to acknowledge my presence.

    (It won’t let me Like this post)

    Is it bad that when I read the title I was expecting photos of a model posing with fruit? It is, isn’t it? Sorry Peach.

    (I can’t actually see the photos – your blog really doesn’t like me today.)

    • Ooooh, you did that deliberately! I got a ‘Your Comment is Awaiting Moderation’ for that comment!

      (Ok, so maybe it’s not deliberate – Maybe you have to approve all comment with 2 or more links ;-P )

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