Quick Update

This year seems to be less productive than 2011.  I mean, I’m not disappearing altogether, you can catch my published work still around the place. 

I assumed the role of a soldier with combat experience to squeeze out a tale of the Troubles in Northern Ireland, and was featured in an anthology in the US which you can find here.  I was interviewed by the very cool London/Paris magazine Structo which I helped edit for their eighth issue here.  And finally a story published by echuk is now available from itunes, see my profile on their site and read a short sample here.  Nonetheless I’ve sold no stories this year, nor have I really submitted any, and I’ve sold no photos or art.

Still the last 10 days have seen three photo shoots come to fruition.  I’ll upload some shots from my shoots with Melissa and Eva in the next few days.  I’ve also planned a couple of shoots and a photo-walk for August, with a new camera to boot.

Well summers here at last, and I should really start thinking about my dissertation module which starts in September, I need to start writing again instead of watching old Father Ted DVDs and taking photos of beautiful women!

Thanks for keep up with the old blog, pictures to follow…and have a nice week.


2 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. I’ve been binging on Father Ted too! I was only announcing that I was Kate Katharina McLove and didn’t have to do anything I don’t want to do an hour ago! Sounds like you’ve been involved in some cool stuff. Don’t beat yourself up over not doing more, all this stuff comes in bursts and then wanes again. I wish it weren’t like that but I guess it’s the sacrifice you make when you take the arty route. Looking forward to checking out your stories.

    • Don’t start eating jam from the spoon. I’m lucky that my brother has the entire history of comedy on DVD, any series I fancy I can borrow, and I did father ted last time and now I’m on Still Game. I don’t know if you had that, it was Scottish about two old guys, very funny. Talking about Scotland….you back from your Euro-Travels? I’ll try and post some stories in the future, just have to write them first…

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