Pinup Style Shoot and a catch up

So I’m still on Model Mayhem, Flickr and 365project, and still trying new things with regards subject and equipment and technique.  This is where I’m up to:

New cameras – I bought a Zorki 4 on ebay, $50 from a chap in the Ukraine.  Very excited, the Zorki 4 is a copy of the Leica III and its supposed to be very nice, and the lenses seem to imitate Leica m39 lenses quite well.  It doesn’t have a light meter but meh, I can either guess or keep my OM1 with me too.


Technique wise, I’ve been free-lensing (when you get some nice focus and depth of field effects by taking your lens off the camera and tilting it back and forth for effect.

I’ve also been aware of some dodgy focus issues.

I worried my manual focus lenses were not really taking the best pictures they could because of my bad eyesight, but I’m now finding my 18-55mm Canon auto focus lens is choosing to focus on the far distance rather than the thing I put in front of it.  So I know I have to start using the little flashy light focus guide thingies in the viewfinder, hmmm.

Erm subject wise, I’m trying to be open to new stuff coming my way on Model Mayhem – and here’s some pictures of a pinup style model called Ria who I shot with this weekend.

I was pleased with the results but as I say the focus issue kept raising its head.


So the photography is coming on slowly but surely.  I’ve said yes to a lingerie shoot, a Hattie Watson style shoot and a French-cinema style shoot over the next few weeks, so if they all come off I’ll post pics.

It’s been a bit quiet round here, creatively the old glass is half empty, or fully empty depending on just how much of a pessimist you are.  Fingers crossed things will pick up.  Thanks for any comments!!


2 thoughts on “Pinup Style Shoot and a catch up

  1. Great shoot, sir. I think the range of subjects you’re working with, the range of styles of shoot and your ever-growing (“The Hoarder Next Door”) camera collection is really paying dividends! every shoot you do is beocming unique now, I love it.

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