Shoot a Roll in a day

All the cool kids are doing it. 

What do I mean?  35mm of course.  Remember that stuff we used before there were phones that could make toast, give you relationship advice and clean your car on a Sunday morning?  I love some stuff about the 2012-World.  The fact I can get out of bed at 3am, if I so choose, and go and buy authentic ingredients to make a lamb Tikka Biryani.   The fact I don’t have to read complicated small-print timetables anymore because Google tells me when the train is coming.  And that I can go to the pub for an evening without getting COPD.

But then I dislike some stuff too.

The fact nobody can spell anymore.  That I have about forty TV channels and there’s still nothing on, and that petrol costs more than saffron infused angel’s tears.

And the death of film.

Film photography is still cheap despite what Jessops tells you, I buy film for less than a pound and process it to CD for £2.  Film photography is a 150 year old tradition, making images the way our grandfathers did.  We can even use the cameras they used, got off eBay for £2 instead of the hundreds they spent.  It’s science happening in your hands, its magical stuff.  Light burning into chemical emulsion, a moment, an experience recorded.  Not for your computer screen or a low res Facebook album, but to slip into a book or bottom draw to discover in ten years time, so you can spend a Sunday afternoon remembering the fun you had.  So shoot a roll in a day.  Buy a film camera for a pound, get some film from the pound shop and go on a picnic with your family.  One of the nice things about photography is you can’t take any photos sitting watching TV, you have to get up and go out and do something relatively exciting.

Here are a few I took today.

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10 thoughts on “Shoot a Roll in a day

  1. Cool! You can get film for a pound? I thought I’d read ages ago that camera film making companies were closing down and what was left in production was now a premium priced product.
    Amazing… just now the problem to fine someone who still has a darkroom? Two pounds to process it? wow…wonder if that’s possible where I live?

    • My friends in Australia though where she actually struggles to get film developed cheap but sends it to Horsham where there’s a pro lab for developing. She buys most of her film from Ebay. She got 10 rolls of Agfa Vista 200 the other day for 30 bucks aust. If she uses B&W she orders from Vanbars in Melbourne, and also gets colour film from department stores. She uses B&H which my American friends swear by and Adorama. Americans also use those big drug store chains like Walgreens and I use Walmarts so I don’t know if you have them in NZ? Sorry sounds like you won’t get it as cheap as it is in Europe, check your ebay for guys who advertise developing, they do it for super cheap in their shed and you post your films to them, they’re popular in the UK. remember expired film is as good as not.
      good luck

  2. Brilliant, inspiring post Dave! Loved it. I’m going to get the stuff to do this when we go to the beach x

    • whoop! thanks, that’s next weekend right?? Saturday cos I got a shoot Sunday?? I’m reading again, 3/4s way through Sarah Waters. I can lend/sell you a camera and film for cheaper than you’ll get it anywhere else! xxx

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