Photo Shoot Number Nine

So I think it was November when I saw another bloggers post about losing faith in the portfolio website Model Mayhem because the models were just so unreliable.  The post explained the websites purpose, to put photographers in touch with models, everyone sharing pictures and furthering their portfolio.  This female photographer had been just about to give up on the site when she’d finally got a booking who showed up, and it made all the weeks of disappointment worthwhile. 

So I signed up, and guess what – the same thing happened.

I must have arranged a heap of shoots which haven’t turned up.  I’ve kept shooting with Megan meanwhile because we are so used to each other we get really good results (if you don’t know who Megan is she’s on the blog header).  I’ve had a couple of Model Mayhem model shoots but for the ratio of hours browsing and messaging, against actual meet ups, its draining.

Then I had a shoot which made it all a bit more worthwhile! Professional model, make up artist, designer with the collection of garments she’d designed, a dry afternoon, a hotel room.  It just worked out.  There were ups and downs, the pier was closed, the fun fair was closed, the chip shops were closed, in fact everything was closed.  And it was super-cold on the beach, but in general I felt like I was able to shoot away and capture a few nice shots. 

I’d love to think I can move forwards with all this experience making me a better photographer, but working with people (and in this UK weather) – I feel like actually it all depends on the day – how the different variables turn out- and much of it is up to chance.  Anyway the experience can’t hurt.

So as always comments, likes favs and all that are super-welcome. 

PS.  Cutaway is back from the printers, we launch/release next Friday officially but contact me if you’d like a copy.  I can take payments via paypal and post to the UK, if you’re overseas I’ll be able to send you a link to the website we use for worldwide sales.  Price in the UK is £6.99 and £2 postage at the moment but that might go up a few pence because the Royal Mail Nazis put their prices up.  My email is in the contact me area of the blog, thanks!

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6 thoughts on “Photo Shoot Number Nine

  1. Good enough photos, but I found quite a few things distracting… the model is very young and very slim and is wearing a fitted (brown/tan) skirt… she needed to have really smoothed down the shirt tucked inside it was the lumps made by the top, shows through on the skirt front, it’s especially noticeable in the railway-line shot.
    In the white dress shots her knees are really shiny… ??? and the bed she is on is untidy and crumpled… the hotel room looks really bare and empty (there are no props or items to give atmosphere) so it looks a bit cheap looking. The shot with the suitcase and the pavilion … something strange in the composition, looks like part of her head is missing at first….

    I realise I am being really super, mega, brutally picky here, but I’m trying to be honest so that you can see what the someone really critical (like a editor who gets sent hundreds of thousands of photos with models) sees when they look at your stuff and for me the devil IS in the detail.
    I’d also like to see less generic poses and some really different lighting, situation, pose,atmosphere.
    Yes I’m being really harsh… but in a former life (as a very green youngster) I worked in the printing industry and set up fashion pages and you should have seen the amount of rejected photos on shoots.. literally thousands didn’t make the cut…it was an eye opening peep into the guts of the fashion industry and it’s a rough, tough, hard as nails world in there.
    You have to stand out from the crowd and make an editor do a triple take…
    Of these.. the stand out shot is the b & w close up with the model looking left (wearing a singlet).
    probably not what you *wanted* to hear but I really hope this comment helps !!!

    • Hi, thanks for those comments. It’s interesting to hear feedback from someone who has worked in that industry. I am only doing it for fun, as I already have a job and am an editor for a literary magazine and lots of other time consuming stuff, I don’t need another role!! but still I would like to improve.

      • phew, glad you weren’t offended!
        I think that every tiny bit of “technique” you can adjust to take your photos to a new level is valuable.
        Me I do do it in my art, but not in my photography (yet) as my photos are mainly there at present to add to my writing and I simply don;t have the time to stage any shot at all… maybe this will change when the kids are older etc and the work/life balance gets a bit better.
        I did at one stage think that fashion might be something for me, but ended up seeing it from another angle (we often saw pages put together last minute to fit a theme, schedule, special feature etc) In those days the changes had to be made by hand so were done by photolithographers right before it went to press… these days of course it’s all digital.

  2. Looking forward to receiving my Cutaway magazine. Come on everyone lets support it..

    I think for the specific theme of ‘seaside vintage’ it looks great. As a degree show it will be a success just due to the thought involved. I am sure if you wanted to go down the fashion route it would be whole different ball game. Is there a comments section on model mayhem so you can tell everyone how unreliable that model is. As you say it all depends on luck at the end of the day and all you can do really is prepare for the magic to happen. Art and life is a chance thing, too much thought just gets in the way. All we can do is walk in a direction that feels right at that time and be open to do a U-turn in the next moment. It looks good to me but what do I know.

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