Happy Birthday to me!!

So we’re there, its been a long and rocky road, we sprained our ankle and got lost (we’re still lost actually) I don’t really write anything of any quality anymore but I take more photos…I don’t do any art.  So I can either pay for another year or set up a new blog called Manchester’s photographic son.

Yeah, I’ll do another year. 

Past record shows that the minute I cough up for Manchester’s photographic son I’ll lose interest in photo and start printmaking or cross stitching or something.  That’s my style.  I never do anything long enough to make any money at it.

So whats in year two for MAS?

More photo – more Model Mayhem shoots, more beautiful models.

More writing?  Yes, I hope so, and better writing.  Probably more poetry than prose.  My Masters finishes pretty soon, the taught section at least, and next month we;ll have Cutaway Magazine tied up pretty much.  I’m thinking of putting together a  coffee table book of beautiful portraits, but I’m a bit of a way off yet.  I might get into a bit of self publishing with the old poetry and stories too and sell a few copies through the blog.

But for now, its balloons, cheese and tinned pineapple on sticks and cheap white wine.  Manchester’s Artistic Son, a year old.  My next post might be some highlights, or it might not, I haven’t decided.

BTW if anyone wants to buy a compact 35mm camera I have about 5 left and I’ll post them to your if you paypal me £3 (in UK) they’re just gathering dust here.  Email me.


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to me!!

  1. Happy birthday Manchester’s artistic son! I’ve loved reading your writing and checking out your pictures which keep getting better and better! MPS sounds great and I can’t wait to see what you produce X

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