Latest photoshoot

The weather this week has been so dreadful, but after work was rained off at lunchtime on Wednesday it suddenly brightened up.  So I grabbed my fav model Megan and we tested out some new lenses up Rivington. 

I had a 28mm, a 135mm and a couple of others that had been sat in my camera bag for ages, taking the subs bench behind my 50mm and my 18-55mm zoom.  I really loved the results from the 28mm, and the 35-70mm, although the 135mm is nice I like to be able to stand close to my model so it got a bit tedious shouting instructions from the other side of a field. 

Maybe me and Megan are spending a lot more time thinking about shots, and looking at a lot more photos for inspiration,  or perhaps it was using different lenses, but the results turned out quite varied, what do you think?

Anyways, three shoots next week, two-girls, gothic and romantic.  You’ll have to wait to see the results because that’s all the info I’m giving now.


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4 thoughts on “Latest photoshoot

  1. Oh I love the faerie (fairy!?) one, of her peeking through the branches. I would love for you to take my picture, I want interesting pictures of me like this!

      • I know I know .. I’m completely useless when trying to organise anything like that. Ha, I read that as meeting for shots, as in, shooters, as in, tequila!? It’s early!

        Tis going good thank you sir! Hope the same can be said for you 🙂

      • I don’t take photos without several tequilas to calm the nerves.
        I’m fine and dandy thank you. Being bad at blogging (good name for a blog) but still enjoying photography.
        Shots, camera exchanges and photos of yourself – all you need to do is plan it.
        Although I have to admit, you got me juiced up then left me hanging so I actually went out and bought an Olympus OM SLR. Impatient, me? what!

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