Quick Photo Update

So this is efficiency – four photo shoots summarised in one blog post.

So there’s been another shoot with Megan (allowing a blog header change).  We visited Castlefield and Piccadilly Gardens and a few other places and got some lovely shots.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Then I caught up with Louise, who if you scoot back about four months was the first person who was victim to my portrait project ideas.







Then my first shoot with a male model, working with Peter on some ideas he had given inspired by the artist Francesca Woodman, using blur and movement.  We met in Ancoats and used the doorways and walls of the buildings between dereliction and development.









And this weekend a friend on my Masters course asked me to shoot with her daughter.  It was different again and after viewing the pictures I felt they could lend themselves well to some lomo style processing, adding in some film flaws.








Thanks for any comments and likes, let me know what you think below.  Also check out my regular photo blog at www.365project.org/chewyteeth















5 thoughts on “Quick Photo Update

  1. There’s so much variety in your pictures Dave, none of them look the same which is good, you’ve captured everyone’s individuality (including my own : ) ) I enjoyed your experimentation with a male model and the lomo style pics make a nice change.

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