A Long Week

…well, it has been.  I was ill, hence my poor internet-world attendance.  The doctor said I had a bad virus and its normal that I still feel as though I’m dying!  And, to top it all off some s***bag fraudster had £500 out of my bank, through PayPal.  But it’s back where it belongs again now.  PayPal incidentally are the best company in the world for customer service, if you ever have money stolen from you, you better wish it’s via PayPal.

What else.  Well from several thousand submissions to my now quite forgettable competition, I have chosen a lucky winner.  I had to employ a large team of monkeys to sort through the many submissions and the winner is………..Sammy Dee!  at Manchester Meanders.  And, no it isn’t weird that she’s also my main commenter here at Manchester’s Artistic Son.  

What did she do to win?

Baked a Souffle, which was one of the challenges I set.  I hope Sammy blogs about this herself, as it was an experience with its ups and downs (that’s a souffle joke)

She designed a Manchester’s Artistic Son T-shirt!  and she is in the process of finishing her colouring book but has come up against the old felt tip nightmare (you know the pen with the cerulean blue barrel which actually draws more like Prussian blue, good for the sea but too dark for the sky).

So Sammy Dee – the prize of a book and a print of one of my photos is winging it’s way across the globe to Manchester, England, Well Done!

Other news.

Cutaway closed and the edits have been sent out to all those accepted.  Sorrys sent out to all those not.  Booo.  We had hundreds of submissions so had to be very selective, it’s a big thanks to everyone who sent stuff.  Next is the layout and the design then we send off to the printers for a proof copy.  Off the back of Cutaway and a few emails I’ve been able to join Structo magazine’s Editorial team this month, which is a real great opportunity.  Structo is a lovely newspaper-style literary magazine which my fellow editor Craig Pay has been published in, and a magazine we admired and referenced when we started Cutaway, its brilliant to see how another magazine operates too.

We had super-successful novelist Jenn Ashworth visit last night at our MA and she was encouraging about blogging, and the whole world of Social media stuff, and off the back of her advice I think I’m going to return to posting a bit more fiction and poetry and a bit less photography.  Over the next couple of weeks I’m thinking you can expect some poems, a short story, some insider thoughts on publishing and editing and some of the same in terms of model photo shoot pics (I’ve got two planned this weekend and a couple over April too.) Oh and the 1st birthday of Manchester’s Artistic Son blog!!

April is going to be another month of analog photography on 365project.org, so expect some funky lomo styles.




4 thoughts on “A Long Week

  1. Well done Sammy Dee, that soufflé looks AMAZING! Happy birthday to Manchester’s Artistic Son, I love checking out your blog and I love that you cover a variety of subjects. Looking forward to more blog posts in the future!!

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