Tribal Photoshoot

I’m missing a post this week because I was just too damn busy.  But yesterday I had a really nice shoot up Rivington.  It was cold, not so much for me but for the scantily clad model, and there was a couple of hours just waiting round whilst makeup and hair were done – but it was a good experience.  It certainly adds something a bit different to the kind of pictures I usually take, although I did fall back a bit on photos I’d already taken and images I knew were waiting up Rivington.  All those afternoons walking around the wilds pay off when you have a model and you need a specific backdrop.

So other things last week – Me and Craig Pay met to discuss the many submissions we had received for Cutaway Magazine, our publishing project this year.  The idea of a second issue was bounced around, with positive responses by all.  We also presented to our MA class some of the things we have learnt about self-marketing and starting up a magazine.

I had a nice day out in Southport with a new friend, and a book club in which I was generally hated for chosing Moby Dick (the worst book ever written – discuss).  Also about a million other things – it was a jam-packed week.  I met an interesting chap who gives food and hot drinks to the homeless of Manchester every weekend who had asked for clothes, shoes and blankets on Freecycle and he came around to collect some stuff.  If you’re in the Manchester area and think you can help this cause drop me an email.

So here are the pictures, since I reckon many of you will have just skipped down to here from where I put scantily clad and not read anything in-between!  Comments welcome!  Have a good week!

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9 thoughts on “Tribal Photoshoot

  1. I really like the shots, especially the very red one. Shame she is pouting so much with the tribal shields et al. Maybe you could get into the make up and props too. Keep on shooting and the next Dave (Schoey) Bailey may emerge from West Houghton?

  2. What I was trying to say, before WordPress so rudely decided to delete me, is that I like the the retro looking shots with the washed out colours.

    It’s interesting that you met a guy who gives food and drink to the homeless each weekend. I don’t have anything for him though. I usually give everything to Barnardos.

    • Yeah I still love the retro processing too.
      Barnados have a dodgy history, bit right wing Christian for me, they used to export the kids as cheap labour you know, I think American factories used to give the orphans of the UK a ‘future’ and Barnados got a back hander. Saying that I give them money every month. Hypocrit! lol.

      • Hmmm, lots of charities seem to have some dodgy dealings in their pasts when you look into them. I still think Barnados are a good charity so I won’t stop donating to them (or buying from them) any time soon.

        I like your new header by the way. Did you take it at the weekend?

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