Night Shoot

The model website is starting to yield results, as several different ideas are being tossed around and March and April look like they might involve some interesting projects around the North West.  It is fun too.

I had bought a new flash, a new f1.8 50mm lens and a fancy new tripod over the last month or two, and I was dying to do some shooting this week, so me and Megan took advantage of the sun on Thursday, and we headed into town after dusk to use the flash.  I am really happy with the results.  Let me know what you think!


Thanks for viewing!

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6 thoughts on “Night Shoot

  1. The model photos are getting better and better dude! Would love to see a bigger collection of black and white town night shots.

  2. Megan is so beautiful and your photos are just a-maz-ing! I absolutely adore the b&w shot of her hugging her knees, truely beautiful !

  3. My favourite is the one of her looking straight ahead with her hair swept to one side and the beginning of a big smile. The light catches just right and the colours are well, perfect. I have the same lens (I’m guessing) and it’s been my staple for years.

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