Closing the window

 I had in mind to publish some poems since recently I have posted far too many photos.  I have writing to post, I always try to make images and write at the same time.  What I find difficult is to write poems and prose at the same time, or to make lots of photos and be in the mood for painting and drawing, but usually I can write and photograph.  Only, WordPress is being annoying and all my poems pasted from word adopt strange formatting with lots of line breaks and really I am not in the mood!

So, I will do the blog post I should have done anyway, if I was a good editor!

Cutaway magazine, our literary project for 2012, is about to close its submission window!

If you wanted to get something in to us then you have till March 1st to do so.  To those who already have, whether you have been successful or not we say a big thanks, because it has been really fun reading all your work.

Cutaway, if you don’t use the internet, read newspapers, or watch TV is a literary magazine due to hit the (virtual) shelves in May and it will feature all kinds of super-ace stuff.  So send us your writing.


Let me work out what WordPress is doing with this double line spacing malarchy and I’ll try to get some poems or a story up next time I’m around.  I’m also inundated with digital photos since it has been Film-February on 365 Project!  But I feel like  my readers are getting a bit bored with photos!??  Weekend fun wished to all!

And any thoughts on my new header?  I took this picture in a very misty forest last week and I really liked it, if you click it the full-sized image will appear, in case you’re looking for a wallpaper. ;¬)


10 thoughts on “Closing the window

  1. When you copy/paste from Word you’re also copying a load of formatting (font, bold/italic, paragraph indent and spacing). It could be this that’s causing problems. I always ‘clean’ my text before I paste it into WordPress:

    1. Use the WordPress ‘Paste as Plain Text’ option.
    2. Or copy/paste from Word into Notepad, then copy/paste out again from Notepad into WordPress.

    You might even have some odd line breaks at the end of each line. You can usually get rid of these with a few clicks of the Del or Backspace key and hitting return to generate a new line again.

    You could even go to the HTML tab and strip out all the junk.

    Also: I never get bored of your photos.

  2. Final day for Cutaway! 😀 I wonder if you’ll get a sudden last second rush.

    WordPress aways puts extra lines in mine too. It’s not so bad when it’s just extra lines between paragraphs but I can imagine it would drive you mad for poems. The most reliable way to strip out formatting is to copy-paste it into Notepad first, like Craig suggested. I haven’t tried the ‘paste as plain text’ option. I don’t trust it! (Strange, I know. lol).

  3. I really love your new header. What a fantastic picture.
    I have to be in exactly the right mood to write poetry. Sometimes it takes months for the mood to come back. Then when it’s there, I may pop one out after another!

    • Thanks Sara,
      I am exactly the same when it comes to poetry, and art and prose too actually, the only one which is coming easy at the moment is photography, and I beat myself up about it, but I guess at least one creative outlet is good – if I have none then I have nothing.

      • Firstly, your photography is stunning!!

        Sometimes it feels depressing when the feelings not there. When I can’t write prose any more and it feels like it really has gone, I write something boring. By boring I mean necessary like a return email or a letter or a response to something. Then it normally comes back. Something that puts me under no pressure at all. Could that help?

        The poetry thing, I have discovered I have no control over at all, except sometimes if I read through poems I’ve already written. Sometimes that helps me get back into me, if you know what I mean.

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