Film February!!

My classes began again this week for my MA course.  This semester is all about the context around our writing, the wider community and all that – hence cutaway, the project we started up over Christmas (which is still open for your poetry and prose until February 29th).  The challenge is keeping writing alongside reading all the submissions we are getting in.  Tonight I plan a mammoth writing and reading session and I’m getting my internet-fun out of the way as quick as I can.

So what to tell in this blog post.  Lots, really.  As usual photographically dominated.  I took these lomo style shots on an old Hanimex point and shoot, an extension of my Lomo photo blog post a couple of weeks ago.  Which leads me to my first point – some readers were interested in doing a Manchester lomo photo trek (quite long-winded, maybe MLPT will catch on) whereby we all abuse our cheap cameras and get some funky effects.  So if anyone else is interested they can comment and be included.

Also, talking about meet ups, there’s to be a Manchester 365ers meet next Sunday, the 19th.  This is only open to 365 project members I think, if that’s you then get in touch, my user name is chewyteeth, and the link to my project is in my contact details on this site somewhere.  If you ain’t a 365er then go for the lomo trek (MLPT) but that is only for film photography.

It’s also film February on 365project.  All the pics we’re taking are on various different film formats.  It’s been good to see some proper photos!  You can see a selection (although not exhaustive) below.

Finally you can read about a current challenge type thingy here, which is ongoing and open to submissions of broadly interpreted responses to my tasks.  I can see this having a rolling closing date as people need time to complete their projects.

Finally enjoy the pics!!  Most of these funky lomo effects were simply gained (I mean simply) by opening and shutting the back of the camera occasionally.  It really is that simple.  The camera is worth about £3-5 quid.

If you love this post then let me know below!!  If you hate it then put it in writing to my complaints department


A selection of the film pics you will find on


8 thoughts on “Film February!!

  1. Cool shots. I hope mine turn out that well.

    Sooooo, open and close the back super fast? Longer if its a night shot (ie. very little light out). Any tips on how to make shots spooky?

    Did you say the film you gave me is used film? So other peoples photos are on there already and I’m gonna take photos over the top? Is that right? Other than loading it correctly is there anything else I need to do?

    I WILL test the camera before taking it out!

    • I’m cheap, I’m not that cheap…its unused film, but it may have expired, thats what you might be thinking of. No there’s no ones pics on there, and if there is its a haunted camera because the leader is still out which shows its not been used. Opened the back long enough to see the film canister then closed it again, gives the nice orange bleed. spooky…………………………….I really don’t know, let me think. Just test it, test the flash if its gonna be night time. if you’re opening the back at night you’ll have to open it fully I reckon near, but not right under the moon/street light. its not as sensitive as people think. Don’t let the film fall out or anything. hmmm, just experiment.

      • Oh, that’s a shame. Photographing over peoples shots sounded fun. I might try it anyway. 🙂

        I remember getting double exposure shots back as a kid. There was a photo of my mum carrying me in front of a shop window, but the reflection in the glass was of me walking next to her. That was spooky.

      • I had to approve that comment!! Are you mixing up email accounts again? We could always shoot a roll and swap and shoot the same rolls to get a surprise, its hard to do double exposures if you don’t have an idea of whats underneath I guess. The one I shot today and got these pics with was the one I would have give you if you hadn’t wanted flash, I might offer if Lou if she wants a lomo style one. The thing with opening the backdoor is just a lazy way of getting the orange leaks, if you nail filed the back door down a few milimetres you’d get a consistent orange burn around the shots. Just experimenting really.

  2. Hey! Yea, I´m following your Blog (blueliv). It´s cute and interesting. What about you? 😀 Do you follow me? lol In fact, I always ¡click! with my Holga camera. The results with the Diana+ are.. horrible! It is like “pick a film roll, shot 12 times, go to the PhotoStudio to develope it, and then see that the negative it´s empty”. So I take my pics with my Holga and I admit it´s my devotion!

    • Yeah thanks for following, I clicked on your link from my blog, and found the first blogspot was in Catalan so I found your other site, but I joined, I didn’t see where to follow! I have the Holga 120N the first roll of film is in the shop, and I have the Kodak Cresta II 120 and the first roll of that is in the shop, that’s from 1958 so might not work so well. I shoot with literally hundreds of 35mm cameras, I buy them on ebay and shoot a roll and sell them again for fun. Your pics are great, I’m looking forward to seeing what 120 is like. I also like polaroid and have three of them but not getting good results because it is cold! (My friend has a Diana I only guessed at Diana when I looked at your pics…good guess)

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