(My) Challenge Time!!

So, January is depressing…

And I haven’t had the motivation to do any of my 101 challenges (see tab above for the list) in ages.  Think you could do better?  No, really, could you do better – I’m asking?

I thought I might turn my Project Day Zero Challenge around, and let my readers have a go.  Basically I’ve picked out a handful of my unfulfilled 101 tasks and I challenge YOU to do one (or more) and record it for the purposes of assessment – resulting in a prize (or two)

The 10 Challenges:

3. Have an art exhibition, even if it’s just in your own home

9. Make and encouraging/motivational banner and anonymously put it up

23. Interview someone and write a story/poem about their life/experiences

25. Cook a souffle

26. Make some street Art (I am not encouraging you to break the law)

54. Go on a demonstration/protest and if there isn’t one make one

66. Set off chinese Lanterns

70. List a hundred things that make you happy

74. complete a colouring book

95. Have a T-shirt printed which advertises MY blog (for the hardcore fans)

The Prize:

A 6/8 print posted to you, or handed to you if we are real-life friends (RLFs). You can pick any picture, as long as it fits a standard 6/8 format, from my 365 project, going back over the whole year.


Also a great collection of short stories: Nobody belongs here more than you, by Miranda July.  One of my favourite writers.  Also posted or handed to you if you’re one of my RLF’s.

What must you do?

Take a challenge or more than one (if anyone achieves all ten they become my favourite person for 2012) and record your completion of it in an entertaining way, if you have a blog or website then make an interesting blog post of it (put the link to it in the comments section below) if not you’ll have to email me your submission – photos and explanation and if you win in this manner I will publish the winning piece on my blog.  I’m not sure about the time scale but I’m thinking of running it till a fornight tomorrow – Sunday 12th February.  That’s tough!

The small print:  Be an email subscriber to Manchester’s Artistic Son (if you email me or post on your blog please make sure it’s clear to me who you are), be as entertaining as you can be, but also properly satisfy one or more of the above challenges.  Be artistic and imaginative, for instance if you just set off Chinese lanterns make sure you make the photos of the challenge beautiful, or alternatively do it from the top of the Empire States Building, for instance.  Don’t get arrested doing any of these things, and if you do….yada yada I’m not to blame.  The submission which made me laugh, smile, cry the most wins.  I would like to see in your exif data (cameras digital info) that the photo has been taken during this period, but if the exif data isn’t present with the picture and you cannot show in the picture that it was done for this purpose then I rely on your honesty.  Please do not send five year old pics of your mother’s souffle.

 My email address is basically the word admin then the little at sign, then manchestersartisticson.com

Whoop! winner to be announced on the blog!


22 thoughts on “(My) Challenge Time!!

  1. One week? ONE WEEK? I can’t possibly do all 10 things in one week! (and I am going to try them all!… Actually, no I’m not. I don’t feel the urge to make a souffle.) Seriously, I’ve got something big planned for every day and night next week. I’ll struggle just to do one!

      • Thanks, I look forward to starting it.

        Would you mind if I re-tweet or re-blog it for you? I’ve talked someone else into giving it a go already… (I’m not telling you which one she’s doing).

    • Ha ha, well you have to be in it to win it, and they do mostly involve photography, and one even involves food and photography, but it would have to be in an imaginative way. And you have two weeks!!! You have to join my blog though, that’s my evil plan.

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  3. January has been slow for me too!!

    Great idea! I’ve already done three of them, the Chinese lanterns (hilarious, almost set my parents neighbours shed on fire, I can’t do that again as they’re now banned in Germany – not since the shed, that was in Scotland – now this is all getting rather confusing), the soufflé yum yum – I could do that again?!? Go on a protest (against the war in Iraq – Tommy Sheridan was there, buoying up the crowds, obviously that was before he fell out of favour).
    But I guess none of them count as they all took place before your challenge and I have absolutely no pictures.

    What I can definitely do is add you to my update this week though. 😉

    • Thanks for the mention on twitter!! Hope you are well again!!

      Yep, well, you can’t reuse old things! but well done for marching against the war in Iraq, didn’t stop the war I guess, but certainly made me realise a few things about UK Labour government…Feel free to tackle an easier challenge like do a colouring book – but then people who have their own project day zero I guess are forgiven for not playing!

  4. OK, Dave has told me to have my moan about ‘Chinese’ lanterns. Please don’t let them off. The reason they’re being banned around the world is that they’re:

    a. Litter.
    b. A hazard to wildlife.
    c. A fire risk.

    How about a demonstration/protest about these things? I reckon that should count as both…

    • I had a conversation with a couple of farmers last year about them – they hate the paper lanterns. The metal parts have injured several of their cows in the past few years.

      I haven’t set any off myself but I won’t rule out ever setting them go. Sorry farmers! I know its wrong but they are so pretty! We watch them floating over Manchester City Centre a couple of times per month.

      I wonder how many caused ‘UFO’ sightings before they were widely known. (And didn’t flights get delayed at Manchester Airport because of several floating near the runway?) I still can’t / won’t rule them out though – I’ll just feel guilty about it and maybe make a donation to a wildlife charity…

  5. I feel really guilty now for even considering it.

    OK, I won’t set any off any paper lanterns. Not even the ones I’ve painted my own designs onto.

  6. I’ve being so damn busy recently that I’ve only just had a chance to properly read this post but I definitely want to give it ago. 10 days should be enough. Ok I’ll do the one were I write a short story about someone and guess who I’m choosing?! You : ) So tonight at BG I’ll ask some questions about your life, I already know about your teaching days so that’s a start, then I’ll write up my story and post it on my blog. Great idea for a challenge Dave!!

  7. Could I maybe possibly just be so rude as to possibly make a tiny teeny weeny observation? Setting off Chinese lanterns is dangerous to animals .. very dangerous indeed. That’s all. Sorry to be a militant vegetarian all over you.

    • Yep it’s been suggested that farm animals get up to no good with the spent lanterns, I encouraged Craig to post about it in the comments because I hadn’t ever heard they were dangerous. Still I’ve left it up there so people can make their own decisions about things from all the facts.
      Thanks for your comment. Did you see we were reading Moby Dick for the next book group at the beginning of March?

  8. As a 101 in 1001 challenger, I know how hard it is to cross things off your list (and to come up with a list in the first place). But I also know how good it feels to cross them off, even if some months, not much happens. If you can seem to tackle your challenges, maybe they’re just not the right ones at this time for you. No rule says you can’t replace some tasks with new ones. I’ve actually done that with one of my challenges because it wasn’t feasible and didn’t take me in the direction I wanted to go.

    Although offering prizes for other people to complete some of your challenges seems attractive, I think you’re cheating yourself out of a good exercise. What do you think?

    • Don’t worry I never intended this to be anything to do with my actual 101, of course it would be totally insane to open up a personal challenge to other people – this is just a way to engage my readers and let them have a go at something interactive. I do occassionally edit my list if I’ve for instance missed the oportunity to do something.
      Than ks for commenting.

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