The Mangover (Meat-hangover) Post number 75!

So I failed.  Challenge 69, I quote ‘Go vegetarian for a month, Ooo this is going to be so hard.’

But now I’m wishing I stuck to it because after visiting Chao-Baby at the Trafford Centre last night I got the most horrible Mangover.  The best way to describe it is a hangover, made of meat.  I belched enough meat vapour to power a balloon and still my stomach was like a drum.  Dreadful.

In other, more interesting news – I received an Alpha II rangefinder, despite sounding like a spaceship – it’s a photo enlarger (to print photos from negatives).  I also picked up a case full of developing equipment (the case was a 1945 demob case that a soldier was given on leaving the army.)  Well 1945 is an estimate, it could have been anytime during national service I guess.  So I’ve just disinfected everything, thrown away all the rotten cardboard and polished all the lenses.  There’s an undeveloped film from 1979 in there which would be interesting to develop. and a heap of weird stuff I’m going to spend the night sorting through. 

I’ve realised, this last month or two, why I met so many nice people during my life – so that I can beg borrow and steal photography equipment from them all now.  I can’t wait to start printing my own black and white in my bedroom at night.  It’s missing some integral part though so I’ll have to trawl the internet first and find out what it is.

Erm, what else?  Reading the cutaway submissions is super fun.  Finding lots of cool work, if you meant to submit and haven’t yet send it in quick because we’re picking now, as we go along.

Also, if anyone saw Sammy Dee’s comments on my last post, about a kind of tutorial, slash lomography trip, slash photo walk in Manchester then climb on board because that actually would be fun. If you saw the comments you might also have seen my admission that I bought too many point-and-shoot, lomo style film cameras and am now selling them. I’m putting them on eBay in batches but I have about ten I’d like to sell with cases for £4-5.  I can post for another £1 I reckon so it’s a cheap deal.  They are the simple, toy-camera type where you roll on the film by the sharp little cog thingy.  But I also have some fancy Olympus ones and some APS ones if anyone is actually a collector of that kind of stuff.   Anyway sales pitch over, email me at if you fancy one before I sell them on eBay.

Have a nice week – my stuff is submitted to uni, but now I’m empty on the writing front.  Really, no motivation to write for about four weeks now!!  This weekend’s been one of those ‘At least I’ve not got cancer’ type of weekends anyway where things go wrong and I end up doing something self-destructive like watching TV instead of making something worthwhile.  The weather seems to be getting worse again too, and my employment status in January hits an annual low.  *sigh*


8 thoughts on “The Mangover (Meat-hangover) Post number 75!

  1. Ooh, I want to go on a Manchester photo walk! It would be an ideal opportunity for me to be unashamedly touristy with my point-and-click camera skills! weekends are made for sloth and other traditionally unvirtuous escapades. And if yuo’re worried about your productivity, just remember that age-old cliche that a “Picture paints a thousand words”!

  2. Post number 75?! Wow! I’ve only published about 28! Well done!

    How long did you manage to go without eating meat? You obviously need me to talk about disgusting meats again to put you off and help you along :-p

    • 13 days. I felt disgusting so I don’t need to hear the tales again of you making animals extinct (that was how it went wasn’t it?) and as for 28 posts, that’s what happens when you move to Florida for 2 years! To be fair I bombarded you with emails for most of your blogging life so far so you were torn between replying to me and actually writing posts.

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