Two thousand and twelve

Does it sound weird when you say it to yourself? Two thousand and twelve.  It was the nineteen nineties for so long.  I learnt how to write putting the date carefully at the top of the page and practising my nines (and my eights) and now…suddenly its a new year, a new century and millennium.  Things really fly by.  So it’s January that means…


Yey, so it’s a project (if you’ve missed the posts) and we’re accepting submissions of poetry and prose but no art.  Payment is a copy of the beautiful finished article which you’ll recieve in May (ish) and if you’re local there’ll be a fun launch type thing in Manchester.

Also it’s a time for new projects.  I’ve become obsessed with cameras.  I’m not that fussed for fancy ones bought at fancy camera shops.  I’m interested in people’s unwanted film cameras – from a bygone era.  These mechanical works of art demand to be appreciated and cared for. I’ve spent most of December in fact on eBay trying to catch a few bargains.  This project doesn’t really go hand in hand with the taking photos side of things, I mean, how many cameras can I use in one go?  But they are so beautiful.  Freecycle has been fantastic too, getting some expired film which (hopefully) will work just as well.

I was going to start a Tumblr photo blog, but I’m having second thoughts.  It might just become a replica of my 365 project – which is into its second year.  Either way it is just a vehicle for my new project which has been in the pipeline really since November 2011 when I asked for volunteers on Facebook to be models for my photography.  I want to spend 2012 taking photos of people instead of buildings and landscapes.  Sure landscapes are pretty – but photographing people is hardcore – it’s tough.  It is reading poetry in the original French instead of the translation, it is doing Iron Man competitions rather than jogging in the park, it’s landscaping as opposed to gardening.  A tree will never get annoyed about standing in the cold, a flower will never ask to see the pictures you’ve taken and pass comment (not that my models have done either of these things!) but in theory people are a more interactive and unpredictable subject.  But they’re also more amazing – and the human condition is to all of us more important than how green a tree is.  To me anyway. 

So my 365 project – whilst no longer being one photo taken a day will become one photo uploaded a day from my most recent shoot.  If anyone out there is happy to model I will pay you in tea.  Well I’ll buy you one cup at least.  Or go halves maybe depending on where we are.  It’s addictive taking photos – as I found in 2011 – but the downside to taking photos of other people is you need other people!  So you have to be patient.  I have a few things in the pipeline though and my sister wants some pictures for her jewellery website.

So here’s my latest pics.  My second photo shoot – with a lot of time in between my first and second learning how to use my camera better and where I went wrong the first time.  Thanks to both my previous models who have tolerated my early fails.

So what are your new projects for the new year?  And please feel free to comment on the pictures (sorry they’re lo-res) I don’t mind feedback.

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11 thoughts on “Two thousand and twelve

  1. I haven’t got over the ninetees yet. This “two thousand and” versus “twenty-ten” debate makes me uncomfortable; I’m still pre-millennium in my thinking. Still a little bit scared about the Y2K bug..

    The photographs are beautiful. You’ve obviously managed to make your model feel comfortable; she looks really natural and in one in particuar as if she is totally engrossed thinking about something that’s not “shit, there’s a camera pointing at me”. Very, very nice. Love the earthy backgrounds too.

    What will you do with all your ebay purchses?

    • Well I’ve got an unwritten contract with the people who give me stuff off freecycle that I can’t sell it on and make money – so I’m going to start going to car boot sales to get cameras to sell to generate money to buy more if that makes sense. Also someone offered me an Olympus a bit ago – basically there’s a list in my head which would make a nice collection, and if I get any repeats I’ll sell them to generate funds. I also have a challenge this year to make £500 from eBay. starting buying something for £10 or less and reselling, buying and reselling until I’ve made £500 (or £510 to recoup my original £10, then I’ll buy a Canon 550EOS and it will have only cost me time. Also if I buy and sell 50 cameras between now and then I will have become the most camera savy person in the world because I could always do a shoot with each camera before I move it on. What do you think? millionaire in the making?

      • Great challenge. 🙂 I’ve never sold anything on Ebay. I wouldn’t know where to start. I wouldn’t want to advertise it badly and end up with less than I started with. I’m a great Ebay buyer on the other hand. 😉

      • I’m a great believer in eBay, selling is cool, but there’s the same chance at faliure as buying. I’ve got 10 things on at the moment and I know two will sell well but the other 8 could go each way.

  2. Great photos of your model , Dave. Like the black and white ones especially. Collecting cmeras, eh? Try and get hold of a Lubitel two and a quarter square. They’re Russian and come with a plastic lens and used to cost a mere £8.00.

  3. Great photo’s Dave, your definitely getting the hang of it, off course I don’t know much about photography but these look great.

    What are you thoughts on Lomo camera’s? I noticed a new shop in the NQ selling them, they look cool but not sure if that’s were the benefits end : )

    • You know plenty.

      There is a lomo shop in the NQ now, it had it’s big opening party. Because of the amount of traffic on the website from Manchester. I have a lot to say about it actually – but I was saving up for my next blog post. All I’ll say Lou is treat it like a strip club. Look – don’t touch. Thanks for your compliments!

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