Boxing Day Blues

At the end of the day what are you left with?

Yep, cheese and alcohol.  Your think ‘Right, now Christmas is over I’m going to diet!’ you put something sporty on that lets you move quite freely – sweat pants and a baggy T-shirt, maybe you take the stairs two at a time when you go up to fetch your phone – you walk to the shops saying it’s part of your new ‘regime’ but really it’s the boxing-day tailbacks.  And then – you open the fridge for a quick healthy snack.

Cheese – cheese – cheese.

There ain’t no dieting happening yet.  Don’t get me wrong I love cheese.  And anyone reading this who got me cheese for Christmas – I am really happy about it – but I’d stupidly been to Tescos with a £6 off if you spend £40 voucher a few days before Christmas and I spent most of it on cheese. 

(I’ll let you have a glimpse of my pain – I have five blocks of Stilton alone.)

Then booze.  On my window ledge in the kitchen I’ve got three bottles of wine (3 for £10, who can say no?) cans of bitter, bottles of Magners, another two bottles of red, a wrapped bottle of red which was the result of my being bad at maths when I was wrapping before Christmas.  Also a part bottle of rum, a part bottle of port and some other bits.

Forget diets!  Take off the sweat pants and trainers – put your pyjamas back on and climb into bed with a block of stilton and a bottle of Pinot Noir.  This is the only way you’ll beat it, hold the Stilton like a chocolate bar – bite – and – swig.  Repeat.

I’m going to need the alcohol once the nightmares kick in (or is that a wives tail about eating cheese late at night?) when the voices start and I’m back in the school playground and my ‘parents’ have no faces just featureless ovals, or I’m at work in the nude….I’ll need the rum and the beer to get me through the bad cheese-dreams.  Maybe if I eat enough cheese and drink enough wine I’ll go into a strangely vivid type of hibernation and wake up a stone heavier with a bad headache sometime in February.  I would love that – I hate January!

Ah, well – this will be my last post for 2011, for me a super year for sure!  Despite the cheese.  Stay safe on New Year’s Eve and don’t spend too much – the way things are going we’ll need the money for 2012 when a loaf of bread will cost £5 and a litre of petrol £18.55

Ah, merry Christmas…


6 thoughts on “Boxing Day Blues

  1. I have piles of cheese, alcohol, olives and chocolate. No chance of a diet in the new year either – This stockpile will last me 6 months.

    I have a great stilton soup recipe if you’re interested. Made rich stilton soup and cola glazed gammon for boxing day. I wanted to cook the turkey really.

    Have a great New Year. Good luck with you’re cheese dreams.

    • Swap you some cheese for some chocolate – I got none!!! Did you say cola glazed, do you mean honey glazed….please tell me you mean honey glazed!

      Hey did you get an email from me about meet over the holiday period (or as you call it, the work period?)

      • Nope, cooked in full fat coke. My friend cooked it and it was delicious. I asked her for the recipe repeatedly but I’m still waiting. I tried a recipe I found online but it only used a tiny bit of cola so you couldn’t taste it at all. Honestly its better than it sounds! Lol.

        Yes, I received your email about the working week. Boo! I still have holidays to take but its too late to book them now. I replied via email. 🙂

        I’m not sure what hours I have to work. My boss is in so it could be full days, ish. I’ve already pre-warned him not to expect me before 10, that I intend to dress casual and that its late start early finish – I didn’t ask him – I TOLD him. Lol. He hasn’t contradicted me yet.

  2. Happy New Year to you too!

    We had Raclette yesterday with friends. It’s little pans that you fill with food (traditionally mostly potatoes or bread but we use everything from prawns and salami to olives and tomatoes), then you put some special Swiss cheese (Raclette) over the top and melt cook it all under a specially built grill that sits in the middle of the table for everyone to use.

    I had constant cheese dreams last night!!

    Have you tried making stilton and celery soup – I’m sure you’d find a great recipe on the net.

    • I’ve made Stilton and Broccoli, and have put stilton in leek and potato. But never celery. I always think of celery as a background ingredient in soup. It does sound quite nice.
      Raclette however (the cheese) I hate, I had a particularly stinky one once and it was like licking a homeless man clean. But I love anything where prep and cooking engages everyone and can be done at the table, or at least together. Thanks for commenting – I was just over at yours saying hi, hope your headache improves. What’s with the pomegranite syrup???

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