This morning was the first day of the Christmas holidays for me!  I woke up pretty early and opened the curtains and….SNOW! I ran round in circles, banging into furniture and knocking over vases until I was tired.  Then I had a sausage butty, jumped in the car and headed off into the woods.  See for me, and everyone below the age of eleven, snow doesn’t inspire hot chocolate in front of the fire, it inspires adventures!

Rivington for three hours was my adventure.  I walked up into the woods, and as I got higher the fog closed in.  It was snowing but the light, big pieces of snow that are very slow falling and don’t just make you wet.  The nicest thing was it was silent and there wasn’t a soul up there.  I walked for maybe an hour until I was totally surrounded by the wilder parts of the moors.  the trees were covered in frost, the ground was layered with untouched snow, the sky was white and all the plants were frozen.  I don’t think the lake was actually frozen over, but it was skinned with snow.  All I could hear were my own footsteps crunching through the snow, or sloshing through the mud.

Nature seemed to not expect to see me up there.  Pheasants, sheep, squirrels and robins seemed to do a double take before they slowly ambled away into the snow.  Maybe their reactions are a bit dulled in bad weather.  It didn’t mean I got any decent shots though, I have the habit of freezing when I see wildlife rather than getting a shot.  Which is what happened when I stumbled onto a path full of deer.  Three or four young deer were standing against a fence, obviously trying to stay out of the wind.  I stood still and even though they at first began to move away, they circled round and came back down towards me.  They were beautiful.  Stupid me clicked my camera on and fired off a couple of shots without checking the exposure, and yes the che-chink of the shutter frightened them all off and the pics were rubbish anyway.  Serves me right for not shooting on automatic.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the pictures (slideshow below) and wrap up warm if you hit the countryside this weekend.  Processing was done in photoshop and pixlr. Comments welcome. PS this is one of my 101 project challenges done – photograph snow.

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6 thoughts on “Snow!

  1. The photos are great, better watch out that Hallmark haven’t just taken 20 designs for cards next year!
    The one of the deer is awesome, and I look forward to seeing that either in print or enlarged on a computer screen.
    Keep up the great work!

    • Thanks Al – I put the deer one on 365 too, if you go across and fav it! ha! I’m actually trying to get on the PP with it, making a concerted effort, but you need like a million views and a thousand favs nowadays. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Absolutely stunning photos Dave!! I especially love the deer but all of them have captured the atmosphere perfectly….I agree they would make some lovely Christmas cards!!

  3. Great photos. I particularly like the ‘avenue of trees one’. We live right next to the Danube and it makes for fantastic shots – especially on a sunny but snowy day. Congrats too, on achieving another challenge!

    Merry Christmas!

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