Cutaway Magazine

So, December first – and as one project ends another begins (365 project isn’t so much ending as….well, as continuing – but I’m past that one year mark!)

Cutaway Magazine is a project me and my writer pal Craig Pay have pulled together.  It’s a literary magazine to be released in May 2012, so from now – or January first to be exact – we are looking for submissions of amazing poetry and prose.  The magazine will be launched in Manchester – and will be available to buy from the two of us at first, and also to order on demand on Amazon.  Please check out the website, and ‘like’ us on Facebook or follow us on twitter and if you’re not exhausted by then pen us a nice piece of edgy prose, or perhaps a short poem and send it to us from wherever you are in the world.  I’ll blog about what I for one as half of the editing team will be looking for specifically in the fiction and poetry closer to the time but there is a hint already on the website.  Hopefully the resulting anthology of writing will be super-cool and who knows, this might not be a one-off after all.

Thanks guys!


4 thoughts on “Cutaway Magazine

  1. cool! Creative stuff? Do Check out Tilly Bud (The Laughing Housewife) and VIV (who often comments on Tilly’s site) poetry for size, both put my humble unfinished, unpublished efforts to shame.
    I’m sure they’d be perfect for this project.

  2. Hey, this sounds great. 🙂 I doubt I’ll have anything to contribute – wish I could but I’m not that good. Perhaps you’d consider guest blogging on my site so see if any of my readers would like to contribute?…

    • I’d defo guest blog, I’ll write something up and email it to you if you want, we officially open to subs on Jan 1st so depending on when you’ve got a slot in your blogging diary it can be later around then, or in December. xxxx and I bet your writing would be ace. Lou is sending me something!

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