The Portrait Challenge!

(A second attempt – WordPress you swines, I don’t ask you to publish a portion of what I wrote, but all of it!)

Well winter is here – how do I know?  Well my car breaks down (last week I turned the ignition key with forty-five minutes to go before I had to be at work – six miles away – and it sounded like an angry donkey remonstrating.  I subsequently ran back to the house, threw on more suitable gear and pelted it on my bicycle.  I got there in time but spent the rest of the day sweating and wheezing.)  Also I know winter is here because I get an awful cough, always.  Oh and the final indicator that the bad weather has arrived – our bathroom becomes mouldy.  So basically things work less well (car-me-bathroom ventilation).

If you’re looking for the upside, it’s here:









I also completed one of my challenges last weekend, number 18, portrait photography.  My model and I wandered Manchester in the quickly declining light and I tried my hand, feeling like a real beginner.  People photos always look more interesting than buildings and streets – and equally they require a bit more thought.  I shall get there, but I think this set of pics shows it was my first time.  Feel free to comment on the pics, and lovers of mince pies feel free to wax lyrical.  I would have posted some writing but I’m at a schism – I’m reading lots and learning lots and hopefully in the near future I’m going to apply it in some wonderful shiny and sparkly way and create something superb.  That’s the theory.  Thanks for reading.

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5 thoughts on “The Portrait Challenge!

  1. Well I feel like a fraud in commenting on these, because what do I know? … but my observation is (which is just my observation!) is that in some of the photo’s you’re cut a little too much of her off. I love the ice skating photo but if you’d have just got her arms in, leaning, that would have been really nice, whereas we can only see half of her arms.. The one of her sitting on the bench too, looks like a bit of an incomplete picture with her legs chopped off. HOWEVER, those are just tiny negatives which are easily fixed when you take pictures. You can always take a bit more of a picture than you intend and crop it to the right point.

    I really like them, I really like the energy in the back grounds. My favourite are the two close ups of her – particularly the one of her on the right hand side of the picture. But again, I think with a portrait you want either from the chin up, the neck up, or at least 2/3 inches of her shoulder .. anything in between is distracting. That make any sense?

    Well done though, great work!

  2. Thanks again for such fun day Dave, really enjoyed just mooching around Manchester. I think you did a great job with the pictures, shame I ruined the sunshine one by shutting my eye’s!

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