Mmmm Sunday – soup, fresh bread and a good book…

This photo serves two purposes.  First to show me awarding my twentieth email-subscriber her prize for subscribing.  Okay, there’s a bit of nepotism here, Hannah’s a friend, but she was twentieth.  Other red letter days will be my 2000th view, coming soon, and maybe I’ll give out a pressy to my fiftieth email-subscriber, which at this rate will be somtime during 2039. 😉 (the picture Hannah recieved was from my mixed bag of sketchbook pages from the last 10 years.)

Second purpose is showcasing that superb beard, my month long growing challenge having finished I trimmed it aggressively.  October-November feels like a period of some great firsts and exciting projects, so much so I’m surprised how little of my 101 project I’ve completed in that time.  The writing is coming on, and I’m trying to post more new prose and poetry, so hope you guys are enjoying that – scroll down older posts to catch up.  This week there’s a board meeting and big discussions regarding the cutaway magazine project.  Launch for the website is December 1st so you’ll be hearing more about that.  Also big things on the photo front, I’ve been focusing on my several new lenses, manual settings and experimenting with different subject matter.  Only 19 photos left before I finish a year of photos over on 365project.  I’ll be sticking round for another year since I’ve only lately got to grips with buttons and dials etc.  Also a portrait project in the coming weeks will be another challenge ticked off my 101 list.

Thanks for reading and have a good week.  Some dates for the diary:

If you missed Manchester xmas lights turn on last Thursday, like I did, then Bolton’s will be on the 24th in Victoria Square

Christmas villages (all 8 of them) will be opening this Thursday so empty your piggy banks (and your bank accounts and remortgage your houses) and head down for some mulled wine.  My advice, avoid Saturdays unless you want your pockets picked and to be rammed constantly by people’s prams.


3 thoughts on “Mmmm Sunday – soup, fresh bread and a good book…

  1. A cultured beard reflects a cuiltured mind 🙂 I’m happy to become your 27th follower. I was going to hold out to be 30th in case you were offering some sort of certificate for that milestone too, but then I realised that it’s that kind of inertia that has the world in the mess it’s in 🙂 I like what I read so far. From your bio, I can see that you are prolific. Good for you! I wish I were prolific.

    • Thanks Kate (the beard is gone now)
      I write a lot, but I also delete a lot. At the moment I’m going through a post-modern phase and I pretty much hate everything I’ve ever written apart from a story which is written out like dictionary entries, and maybe another one which is based on a list of eronious items but which come together to mean something in the end. As I learn how to do things better I quickly bin everything I did according to the previous style. I guess I’m on a learning curve. Thanks for following. My housemate says I should award all of my 27 followers with a poem written personally for them, but I don’t think he realises how difficult that would be!

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