Manual Photography

Yep, I’ve abandoned the ease of Automatic digital photography, so the challenge and tedium of confusing numbers.  I bought a Canon DSLR some weeks ago and this week received my first fancy lenses and a ring adapter for Pentax lenses I already have.  I wanted to branch out and take photos of different things, and know what, how, when and why I was doing what I was doing.  So today I spent what is probably only the third session with my camera since buying it, up on the moors at Rivington.  The results were mixed.  I filled the CF card, switched lenses three times to get a feel for each and took about 110 pictures.  The only thing is manual focus, by eye, is difficult.  I keep getting home and finding pictures which looked fine on the viewfinder and screen are blurred on the laptop.  I know I need to shoot faster with a wider aperture.  The sunlight and shadows were a real challenge too but I got a few pictures i was really pleased with.

I shall share them with you.  Let me know what you think.  Autumn light is certainly a treat for the photographer.  I am also thinking this week about sticking with this 365 project for another year, since if I don’t I’ll just be making pictures for my own amusement.  The 365 community is a nice circle to be part of and audience when it comes to these creative pursuits, is pretty important in my book.  Otherwise you’re just sitting in your room like a serial killer making a pretty soulless body of work to be found after your death.  For several years I wrote a bucket load of poems and showed them to no one, they were personal epiphanies.  Now though I suppose the things I do are less personal and more accessible.  Or at least I hope.  Have a good week everyone, the cold weather is creeping in tonight for sure.  Midweek I’m thinking of posting a story, poem, photo, illustration combination again.



3 thoughts on “Manual Photography

  1. I like the last two best (influenced probably because I’m having a bash at drawing plants at the moment) Great colour in the last photo especially.

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