Poems and Pictures

The bright morning splutters on a day like this one
The steam white coloured air, cut through shafts of sun
And the trees are half shadow half gold with light
Everything seen through a wedding veil of white
Making people on the bowling green silhouettes
And houses are ethereal, shining still wet.
Wet and stale stinking piles of rotting leaves,
Swamp the bases of the trees –
And natures old remembered romance
Leaves – and in its place burnt leaves and crooked trees.
Damp draws down drifting, browning leaves
Which hug the chilling ground
Dank and filled with autumn grief,
As dank as autumn, drifting through the town.
A clogged canal the cities mirror
Reflects chimneys delving deeper and deeper.
Oily colours streaked polluted complexion
And staring back – through scattered leaves – my grey reflection
October Monday
There is a storm – a downpour of leaves across my path
In October when this red-bricked town is beautiful
I leave my house early to walk and watch
The drivers de-ice with numerous techniques
Scrape, pour, spray, or sit while heaters drone.
Mine is boiled water poured whilst wipers wipe
Dangerous but quick, ice and steam both white.

5 thoughts on “Poems and Pictures

  1. Great photos and poems. I love the colours of the autumn. I get to crunch through all the red and gold leaves on my way home each night. 🙂

    This post has made we want a toffee apple!

  2. Lovely poems Dave, they all capture very different emotions and experiences of Autumn, the second two in particular read very fluently and eloquently.

    Loving those pics too.

      • The camera was definitely a good idea then! I’m not a huge poetry fan if I’m being honest. I liked your poems as they related to Autumn one of my favourite seasons and they reminded me of Autumn walks in the country which I haven’t managed to have this year but your work helped remind and transport me.

        I do like D.H Lawrence and some of Colridge’s work….do you like either?

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