…Tick it off the list

At the end of a sixty nine hour week I’m afraid the most I can come up with is a quick update about the day zero project which I began in August.

I saw my intimate gig!  Emmy the Great and Stealing Sheep at the Deaf Institute in Manchester. The only photo I took was dreadful, but the music and the venue were lovely.

I attended a beer festival.  Well I worked one really but hey…I’m exhausted either way but I was the only person in the place who didn’t touch a drop for the seven days!  Seriously, I even  farmed out the tasting of the stuff I was selling to others so I could advise customers. 

Something about drinking in that kind of environment doesn’t appeal to me.  I really have begun to link alcohol with food, sure get home from work on a hot summers afternoon and drink a beer while picking at a few olives, some crusty bread and a selection of cheeses.  Maybe a glass of wine with a nice thick, bloody steak.  But drinking for the sake of drinking?  Drinking and making notes?  Perhaps I shouldn’t be so critical of something which gives me work once a year but I’ve seen some several thousand very drunk people over the last three or four days and I have never been so happy to not follow the crowd.  You can see some other pictures from the event here.

Number 28, grow tomatoes.  I’ll let myself tick it off the list even though apart from one the tomatoes didn’t turn red

I bought a new camera, surprising myself with a stupidly expensive Canon which I really regret now.  Something happened whereby I lost my mind for a couple of hours and went into some kind of consumer-zone and when I came out I owned a Canon DSLR.  Now I have to think of something else to buy when I win the lottery. 

I’m going to change a few more of my challenges around.  I really want to start taking more pictures of people instead of buildings and landscapes, and I have a few willing volunteers, so I’m going to make a portrait-photography challenge, maybe instead of the stupid idea to have a spa treatment.

And I’m determined to see the Blackpool illuminations this year as I haven’t seen them since 1988.



3 thoughts on “…Tick it off the list

  1. My attempt at growing tomatoes this year has been a disaster. I don’t have a single tomato – red or otherwise. They started off well but then they failed miserably.

    Sorry to hear you regret buying the Canon DSLR. Is it too late to get a refund? On the plus side, think of all the funky things you can do with it… Saying that I haven’t used my SLR in 5 years (manual). I think I might have left a film in it to rot away and damage the springs. 😦

    I fancy going to see the Blackpool illuminations this year too. It’s been a long time since I’ve been but for some reason lots of people seem to be talking about them this year.

    I’ve been to a few beer / ale festivals but I don’t go with the intention of getting drunk. I go to be sociable and try a few unusual drinks but I don’t take notes and drink myself silly. If they were free to get into I think more people would be happy to go in for one or two then leave. (I usually join my friends several hours after they’ve started).

    When you pay £5 to get in people want their monies worth. I think they should give you a voucher for one free drink included in the entry fee – that way people wouldn’t feel they need to get the entrance fee’s worth of discount on their drinks. :-p Does that make sense?

    What was the most usual ale at the festival, or didn’t you get to see what other stalls were selling?

    • hmm, that’s good logic, but apart from me I think the idea is to drain the money from these people so if I suggest a way they might get in for cheaper and drink less, or slower, it might get poo-pooed. Unusual ales were – banana lager. Passionfruit and pear cider. Blonde ale with grapefruit in. well you know, a bit of everything. But I need a break from beer and all things beer related. I have neglected my life completely, my homework, writing and reading is in a seriously neglected condition, my photography and art even worse. I have six or seven novels to read in the next three weeks. Picked SL up from the library this afternoon. Thanks for commenting.

      • The diehards are going to be there all day drinking regardless. I don’t think people would drink less or slower. I think it would bring more people in who aren’t diehards – but like their ‘exclusive’ little club. 😦

        How did you get on with your beard this year? Were people rude about it again?

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