101 things I love (part of a Day Zero Project)

I surprised myself with this list.  It’s nice to remind yourself what you love, or at least like now and again and lists can do that, especially when its a list of 101 things, which is pretty hard to make.  Mostly its locations, foods and cultural stuff.  I know a couple of people had this as one of their project zero challenges (why does this project sound so apocalyptic?) but said they wouldn’t publish the list when it was done.  I can only imagine they had private ‘Loves’.  I’m not that sophisticated.  Give me a pot of tea and a scone and sit me on top of a hill in the Lake District and I’ll be as happy as I possibly can be – it appears.  Also, aside from more spelling mistakes than a YAHOO news article, you might notice its a bit of a girly list.  Pastel coloured bunting, cakes, a hatred off football.  Hey, I’m being honest, what can I say?  Guy-stuff is a bit two-dimensional.  I’ve stuck a couple of beautiful ladies in to even the balance a bit.

Anyway, at least it’s another challenge ticked off, next week I do * An intimate gig, * A beer festival, * Buy a camera, and I’ll probably blog an update in a couple of weeks.

Oh, before I forget you can see my latest published effort here, literally the shortest thing I ever wrote…in about a minute one afternoon when I saw the call for submissions.  Read the other stuff on the website, it’s better than mine, and its a cool idea for a journal.

A hundred and one things I love, one of my 101 in 1001 challenges, AKA Project Day Zero.

  1. Studio Ghibli animation
  2. Finding great stuff in the yellow-sticker reduced isle of the supermarket (cheap skate)
  3. Real fires in pubs when it’s cold outside
  4. Coffee and croissants for breakfast
  5. Great conversation and laughs
  6. The end of a long hike when you visit the pub and you’re aching all over
  7. Fish and chips with curry sauce (with really crispy batter)
  8. Cats, especially purring, except when they use their litter trays and stink out the house.
  9. Bruce Parry
  10. The end of the work day
  11. Manhattan 1979 Dir Woody Allen
  12. Salty crisps and cold beer in the sun
  13. Juicy Piel di sapo melon in season
  14. Children’s laughter
  15. Children’s silly questions
  16. Meeting people from other countries
  17. Fillet steak, medium rare with chips (I had porterhouse in NYC, amazing!)
  18. My Hyundai Accent 2004-2008 RIP best car I ever owned
  19. New York, specifically the viewing deck of the Rockefeller and the beach at Coney Island
  20. Arezzo, Tuscany – Italy (especially the park on the hill)
  21. Mixed pattern pastel bunting
  22. Miranda July, artist filmmaker, genius, writer
  23. The Scottish artist Peter Howson
  24. The Lake District
  25. The English film Director Shane Meadows
  26. The common discussion had most weekends – “If I won the lottery I would…”
  27. Manchester
  28. Hattie Watson’s looks
  29. Bolton food market (really its award-winning)
  30. Libraries
  31. Newsreel footage from the First World War
  32. North Wales (lived there for 18 months)
  33. 365 project
  34. Mist
  35. Country Tea shops
  36. Ethiopian Coffee
  37. Scones with clotted cream, strawberry jam, butter and a pot of tea
  38. Macaroni Cheese, even from a tin, creamy goodness (in fact everything with cheese in the title)
  39. My laptop
  40. Amazon
  41. Mountain biking in the rain
  42. History (Modern British)
  43. Post, I fricking love getting post!
  44. The American actor James Stewart
  45. Cotton mills and coal mines and elements of our past that survive
  46. Climbing Snowdon, and being at the peak
  47. Collage
  48. Photoshop
  49. ebay
  50. Photography
  51. The Arndale world food court
  52. Advice that works
  53. My Panasonic Lumix FZ7
  54. Cooking for friends
  55. Manchester City Art Gallery cafe coffee
  56. Bacon, streaky-smoked
  57. Still have a soft spot for those plastic Airfix model planes, not made one for a while though
  58. That moment when the plane speeds up to take off and you’re pressed into your seat.
  59. Writing stories
  60. The smell of gorse bush when it’s in flower and the flowers smell of coconut
  61. Writing poems
  62. Drawing
  63. The Langdale Valley
  64. Raymond Carver’s Stories
  65. Puccini  
  66. Painting
  67. Pies, in fact, anything made of pastry
  68. Sandwiches, specifically club sandwiches
  69. Brittany, Northern France
  70. Laura Groves…I mean her music…ahem – Laura Grove’s music 
  71. Paint
  72. My phone (oh what a cliché)
  73.  Black tea, no milk or sugar
  74. Pickled gherkins
  75. Yorkshire
  76. The smell of fabric conditioner on laundry on the washing line
  77. Risotto, with lots of butter
  78. Home grown veg
  79. The smell of smoke in Autumn, and the smell of bonfire night specifically
  80. The word Subsequently
  81. Family, friends, life blah blah blah, the usual
  82. When I’m gardening and blowing the dew off grass and it makes rainbows
  83. Children’s art and how they explain paintings which make no sense
  84. The poem The Highwayman, by Alfred Noyes
  85. People who hate football, yey!
  86. Iron and Wine especially the song on the link
  87. Southport
  88. Eva Cassidy
  89. Tempura fried vegetables
  90. Youtube
  91. Macro photography
  92.  Toasted white bread and butter, and the smell of bread toasting
  93. Frank Sinatra
  94. Douglas Dunn – Scottish poet
  95. When children notice it’s snowing outside and get into a crazed frenzy
  96. Photo days (which means trips with friends and cameras to somewhere new)
  97. Jeanloup Sieff French photographer
  98. Dracula (the book not the character)
  99. Tattoos (on other people not on me)
  100. Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier
  101. My blog!

Feel free to link to your list in the comments, or make an impromptu top 5, or agree/disagree with my list (disagree comments will more than likely be deleted, this isn’t a democracy!)



7 thoughts on “101 things I love (part of a Day Zero Project)

  1. Really enjoyed reading your list Dave. Did it feel good to aknowledge the things you love? I share your love for all things food, fish ans chips, fillet steak, risotto, cooking! I love food far too much.

  2. Sweet poem on Twenty20Journal 🙂

    I nearly published my edited list of 101 things that make me happy here – until I re-read your question and realised you asked us to link to our lists, rather than post them in the comments.

    I don’t have a top 5. Top 5s change to quickly. I just have 101 things in alphabetical order. There are some things on your list which are not on my list but should / could be.

    I’m going to disagree with you now… just to see if you follow up on your threat to delete messages…

    I don’t like Frank Sinatra. He’s boring.

    Yes I know loads of his songs and I can’t help singing along, plus I grew up watching him in films which I enjoyed at the time – but Sinatra and the Rat Pack have been done to death. If I didn’t have to listen to Sinatra or a Sinatra impersonator again for 10 years it would be too soon (with the exception of New York, New York at the end of a good night. Good nights always end with Sinatra). He’s less dull than Abba though. I loathe Abba.

    Go on then – delete me! I dare you! :-p

    • I’ll not delete you, simply because Sinatra is the king! ha.
      If you want to post your edited list here, literally, to avoid posting on your own blog, because I know you weren’t going to post it there, feel free, me Lou and you will see it, and my followers. Maybe on your own blog too many people see it who know you? either way do which ever.

  3. Fantastic!

    I’m in particular agreement with numbers 2 (actually I love real fires anywhere when it’s cold outside, especially when there’s snow).17 (in Germany they call a rare steak ‘English’, always makes me laugh.
    35 – With a proper afternoon tea? – Lovely. I’ve yet to discover (48) photoshop yet, but I’m planning to in the near future. Actually, I think you’ve given me the idea for a new challenge :-)…

    • I think that’s probably so they can say…’Bloody English!’

      Afternoon tea yey! photoshop is ace but if you like photography there’s some good free software out there too. pixlr-o-matic, picnik, hugin, Oleneo (free for a month) gimp. I have a photo blog type thing over at 365project, you should join it’s a cool community. http://365project.org/chewyteeth/365
      thanks for commenting!!

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