Miserable week for Project Day Zero

I’m back at my term time job which is in Higher Education, but still gardening in my spare time.  I’ve stopped writing!  But started back with my MA classes?!? I think I have the ideas in my mind, but I want to have a break, a pause in my output, so I can restart and feel like I’ve changed.

 So project day zero wise…(if you don’t know what I’m talking about find my list of 101 challenges on the tabs above)

I’ve grown a beard…(attractive and complete with white/grey/ginger camouflage by the looks of things) it’s been more bushy than in the picture but I’ve tidied it up.  What else?  I’ve watched a couple of films, Tales from Earthsea and Whisper of the Heart, which of course were brilliant.  I’ve seen all the Studio Ghibli at my university now so I’ll have to start buying them.

I’ve seen the Tourist with Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp, which was so dreadful I can’t explain, I was purposefully holding my breath so I’d lose consciousness.  It was like watching Fashion TV.  Manhattan (1979), which I’ve seen before and is my favourite film, and I Love You New York, which is a lovely collection of shorts about New York.  So that’s a few off the list.  In book terms I’ve read a few off the infamous list of classics, The French Lieutenants woman which was horrid, really ghastly.  And a Russian novel and some short stories none of which lived up to the modern bestsellers I’m currently reading.

I’ve bundled up everything I don’t need and taken it to a charity shop:

Here’s my shirts, all off to the shop, which is more significant than you realise, these are my ‘teaching shirts’ from when I used to teach High School, so by getting rid of them (some still spattered with paint [I was an art teacher]) I’m kind of saying I’m not going back to that.  There was nothing wrong with teaching, the kids were lovely, and when I’m rich and famous and a super-ace novelist I’ll go back to working with kids for sure.  It’s teachers I don’t like, and I didn’t want to be one.  I didn’t like the shouting, the forcing people to spit out chewing gum, the staff room gossip, the politics…none of it.  So these shirts have represented my lack of faith in my future, and the chance I’d slip back into teaching because I’d run out of other options and now they’re moving on to a new home.  Also lots of other things I don’t need are moving on.  It’s tough but invigorating to clear out things you haven’t used.

For next month I’ll be able to tick off the beer festival challenge, the gig challenge, maybe the vegetarian challenge but I have a feeling November might be better for that one.  Also I plan to read a  few more classics and watch more movies.  The zombie walk looks like it isn’t going to happen, and there’s a few more challenges I’d rather replace with other things, but I don’t know if that’s allowed.

Finally Sammy Dee, at Manchester Meanders, has been shortlisted for a blog award in the Manchester blog awards and you don’t have to sign up to vote just click the box, follow the link: http://www.manchesterblogawards.com/the-shortlist


10 thoughts on “Miserable week for Project Day Zero

  1. I have had the same experience. My supply agency rings every 3 months to check my availability and to tell me I need to fill out another form. Its usually a new person and I have to spit out the same stuff. They don’t seem to record any of my details like what I teach. So I have not been keen to do it so hopefully they will go away without me having to tell them to.
    I agree that its not the kids but the teachers, its not a nice life for teachers so many should do something else. I now go into schools to run workshops ,behave like an artist,look all scraggy and unshaven and build relationships with the kids. I like my new life but its financially insecure.
    Check out this famous novelists venture. http://www.farmsforcitychildren.org/ run by Michael Morpurgo. Oh how i wish I could afford to do such a thing. One day Dave. Lets keep doing what we enjoy and keep laughing.

    • Well you know me, the PGCE taught me loads but I like this life better, existing on the periphery, being nice to people and not scaring small children into submission! I miss daily art though…but I guess I can do that myself. I’ll check that link, and probably play the lottery after to try to afford a farm for city children of my own. But I also like the idea of adults too, like a big farm run by all sorts of societies unwanted, assylum seekers and orphans and ex addicts, and they all sell their produce to me and I sell it on the market and in the evenings we all get around a big fire and eat barbeque and tell stories and sing songs. I don’t know where the art would fit in? Maybe between work and dinner each day we all get our cameras and roam off around the grounds taking pics!!

  2. Don’t be hard on yourself: this is supposed to be fun. If something isn’t going to work or you’ve gone off the idea, replace it. It’s your list, your rules 🙂

  3. Sounds like your blasting through your list, your putting me to shame.

    Well done to Sammy for being nominated, amazing!

  4. Great post.

    I agree with Tilly, if it no longer fits, change it. It’s not cheating, your list is there to inspire you and enrich your life. As Tilly says – your list, your rules.

    So, do you like your beard? Do you think you’ll keep it?

    A good clear out does the soul a lot of good. 😉

    • Hey thanks for commenting. Funnily enough, a regular yearly event is coming up for me, I work the charity beer festival in Bolton in October, one of the biggest in the UK, if not the biggest, and I remember I had a beard at the last one, but for some reason people think a beard is like a sign on your head saying “please tell me if you think this doesn’t suit me” and loads of people were like ‘I don’t like your beard, you look old, it’s awful…and I got sick of hearing it and shaved it. So it starts on the 12th and I’m expecting the same. Who knows, it does keep my face warm, and I’m saving money on expensive razors!

  5. Wow, you’re really shooting through the list. You do know you have 2 and a half years right? (I’m probably only saying that because I haven’t progressed my list in weeks).

    Last year they rearranged the Zombie walk for Halloween. If it comes up again I’ll let you know. It’s still on my list – and I still want to go to the Hellfire (even though it’s unlikely to meet my expectations).

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