Pixlr photos

I discovered a new bit of software online, which is free to use and oh so simple.  http://pixlr.com/o-matic/ It has given me a new lease of life regards the old 365 project which was beginning to drag a little.  I’ve only got 65 days left.  That’s because when I began in January I used the December slot on the calendar  to dump my second-choice pictures.  So now the website thinks I’ve done 365 days on December 1st.  It’s fine, means I can get my head around Christmas without running round taking pictures.  And, which is even better, means I can hide in my room all December. 

I seem to be doing that a bit at the moment too, the change in the weather makes me groggy, and gardening in the rain doesn’t help, so whenever I get home I’m drawn to my bed.  I’m reading amazing book after amazing book and watching studio Ghibli films, I mean – why not do it in bed?

Anyway, hope you like these few photos, check the program out, it is cool.  Most of these shots were taken on a recent trip to Salford, or in the local Bolton countryside. 

Back to my term-time job tomorrow, and then MA in the evening – hopefully lots of new things for my brain because I need some new ideas.  Have a good week.

Update on the 101 in 1001 will follow shortly…


8 thoughts on “Pixlr photos

    • I’ve checked back a few times and seen the same pic, I do the same, then have a good day out in the city or the country and fill them all in! I went through yesterday and deleted about 30 people who hadn’t posted a pic in the last 8 weeks, seems like there’s a lot of dropouts recently. Are you in the Big city now at uni for your MA?? Thanks for visiting and commenting!

  1. These are amazing Dave, seriously some of your best. Lovr your shot of the leaves and the one of the woods with the red light. You should sell them! I’d try the app but not sure my measley digital camera will be up to the job.

    Good luck back at uni, enjoy : )

  2. Great photos. That app has some really good effects. (I promice to tell my friend about them this week…)

    P.S. I’m loving the different header photos for each article – I tried to do that but it’s stopped working for me 😦

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