Updates and an art lottery

I haven’t posted for a while because I’ve not had a great deal of inspiration.  I’m chipping away at the writing, chipping away at the art, generally chipping away.  It’s kind of like a curse.  And when you pull it all together at the end, sure, it looks like a lot.  But then there’s a call for submissions and it invariably says ‘send us your best’ and you think, hmmm, what’s my best?  There is several calls at the moment by the way, for any writing buddies reading this take a browse at duotrope for publications of which these are but a small sample:

Alt-hist is a British magazine looking for your historical fiction, there’s no deadline and you get $10 or a free copy.  Read the stuff on their website before you send.

Best Fiction is open to literary short story submissions for which they pay $25, they are quite a new establishment.

Fiction 365 accept submissions and pays a small amount in return, check out their website for a story a day

Or if you write childrens fiction you can send to Stories for Children Magazine who are looking for stories and articles for next Springs issues, stories for February are themed on families and March should be about neighbourhood and locality.

If you’re lucky enough to be a woman Mslexia is open currently for submissions

As for me I haven’t sent much out recently except for emails asking where the heck my story went and when the heck are people planning on getting back to me.  I keep chipping away anyway, it feels like a chipping-away time of year, a time of year you just want to survive before the onslaught of you-know-what-holiday.  Mince pies are back on the shelves so I intend to begin my yearly survey of the best and the worst very soon.  What’s your best seasonal snack? or seasonal tradition…? I can’t believe I’m asking Christmas questions…do you love or dread this time of year?

In other news I’m virtually sleeping on a bed lifted off the floor by the sheer amount of art stuffed underneath it.  So I thought, why not sell it?  Art is so expensive isn’t it?  Not mine! I’ve about a million sketchbook pages of prints, pen, pencil and charcoal drawings and paintings etc from the last twenty years, there’re too many pictures to post photos of individually, so I filled my bedroom floor with about 5% and took a photo.  I’m proposing £3 each, or two for £5.  But it would be an art lottery, unless you live in Manchester in which case buy me a coffee in my local Costa and you can browse through bags like this one and pick out which pieces you like.  There are some really nice sketches in there, paintings too.

What else?  I’m reading a great book, but I can’t say much about it because Lou will tell me off.  It’s teaching me something I already knew but sometimes forget, that the judgements we make about people are made pretty quickly and are based on quite shallow variables.  Those same people are deep and complex and our judgements can be wrong.  And, the most important point, some people we label as arses, are arses…but they might have very good reasons for being arses too.  I’ll leave you with that cryptic thought for the day. 

As always if you want to buy some art email me at admin@manchestersartisticson.com or comment below, and you can pay me through Paypal using the address I send you.  You could write what you like in the email, perhaps landscapes, nudes, soldiers, cars, I really have all sorts, and you could mention pencil-paint-pastel etc.


4 thoughts on “Updates and an art lottery

  1. Hi Dave, if you wouldn’t mind bringing some pics to book group I’ll have a browse. I really want some new pcitures for my room though I’m limited onspace because I practically live in a shoe box….but I could make room for some new pics I’m sure.

    Ha I won’t tell you off! The books good isn’t it. And your right about judgement, it’s crazy the assumptions we make when really we know nothing! I do it all the time and am often left feeling like a fool for being so quick to jump to conclusions about someone.

    • Well what kind of stuff Luby? because I have literally about 50 kgs of art on paper, you could narrow it down by saying:
      -paint, charcoal, pencil, pen
      -colour or black and white
      -landscapes, townscapes, people, abstract
      -straight drawing or artists impression
      I mean I wanted to get rid of old stuff so it isn’t the best I’ve got but people always like what I don’t and don’t like what I do so it might do…let me know and I’ll bring a pile.

  2. I like pics of people and body drawings. I like nature, leaves, country side, anything really o and cool old buildings. What sort of stuff do you like to draw?

    I really don’t mind how the picture is drawn artisits impressions are cool as are pen drwaings, but honeslty I like most stuff.

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