Challenges continue, pizza, pictures, loves and hates.

So the Project Day Zero continues – I’m chipping away at the easy ones.  Here’s me eating home made pizzas with friends no.12

And I’m wondering about number 94, get a new camera, my new phone has a camera and I’ve downloaded a retro-camera app.  Does it count? Some pictures I took this week with the app:


I’m loving lists this week so I thought I’d list some stuff apart from the 101 in 1001 list.  Funnily enough I just wrote a story called lists which used a long list as a device, as the things listed went on they represented the different elements of a life growing older, the plot was a mother looking back over her sons life after he had been killed.  So here’s 5 things I love and 5 I hate.  Would be a good place to say list your five loves and hates in the comments, but when I request comments I get none, and when I don’t I get loads.  See how you feel…..


1. Melons in summer eaten stood in the kitchen with a tea towel in one hand and the juice all over my chin

2. Beer and ready salted crisps consumed in a beer garden

3. Drinking tea, black, no milk no sugar – thanks, don’t squeeze the bag, preferably use a pot.

4. Woody Allen and most things that he creates

5. The smell of fabric conditioner on laundry on a washing line


1. Google adsense and marketing which uses what I write on social networking sites, it freaks me out.

2. Radio DJs, and most radio

3. Being woken up by the phone ringing, or actually any kind of sudden wake up, doors knocking, alarms etc…

4. Dogs, dog violence, dog noise, dog-poo, dog hotels, dog beauty parlours and dog owners

5.  Parents who ignore their young childrens attempts at getting their attention *

* I have to add this.  The other day I was walking through my town towards the shops, behind me were a father and a mother a baby in a pram and a little girl of about seven or eight.  I heard the father mutter something to the mother then he crossed over and speeded up.  It was about eleven in the morning.  The little girl said, ‘Where’s daddy going mum?’ ‘To the pub.’ her mum replied.  I looked across at him with a more accusing eye now knowing that.  It was a weekday, 11am – no one should be in the pub, they shouldn’t even be open in my opinion.  This family were not high earning people, making a judgement on how they looked daddy might have been unemployed even.  So the little girl shouted, across the road and the traffic, ‘See you later daddy!’ as loud as her lungs could manage.  Then she shouted it again, and elicited a small wave from her dad.  It was just a raised hand, he didn’t turn back it was just like he was swotting a fly.  Then she shouted, ‘I love you daddy!’ no response.  He was walking faster and was about ten metres ahead of us all, but well within earshot.  ‘I love you daddy!’ she shouted again, and a third time and she got ignored.  Maybe I’m getting soft in my old age, I was torn between carrying on about my business or following until he turned off down an alley and beating him into shape.  Either way the daughter benefitted nothing.  So Mr Ignorant father of Bolton, you know who you are, and you are number five in a list of pretty despised hates.

Just a quick mention for the other guys, we are building a mini-bloggers community all taking part in the Project Day Zero.  That’s what really got me interested because the official project day zero website looks pretty unrewarding, but I didn’t spend ages on it so I might be wrong.  See how the others are getting along with their projects using these links below:



8 thoughts on “Challenges continue, pizza, pictures, loves and hates.

  1. Very Cool List… Here’s mine…
    I Hate:
    1. People who have closed minds and hearts to anyone and anything new or different.
    2. Father’s (or Mother’s) who treat their kids like the one in your hate list. Kids are innocent malliable souls and whilst they can be mean little monsters themselves sometimes, any kid expressing a loving and kind thought doesn’t deserve to be ingnored and crushed like this.
    3. My computer (this week at least).
    4. Dogs (but generally that’s more fear than hate) I do hate big dogs who jump up, and I hate it even more when owners let them even when they know I was attacked by a big dog as a kid.
    5. Beer, I’d be the perfect brewery employee, ‘cos I Loooove the smell but can’t get to like the taste. It’s safe to say that I’d *never* be tempted to sample the product at work.

    I Love:
    1. Kids who wrap me in big hugs and kisses when I get home tired from work/physio and tell me they missed me whilst I was gone.
    2.I love silence and hate constant background babble of screechy adverts on a radio… let me think…do we own a radio actually? if we do I’d have to do some serious searching to find it.(said with pleasure)
    3. My computer (this week at least) Long story, Small novel, big highs and lows.
    4. Perfectly ripe summer fruits in season, at their best: sweet and juicy, apricots, peaches, raspberries, cherries, vine tomatoes, etc etc. Bliss.
    5. Seeing or hearing about anyone who does a random act of kindness for a complete stranger, especially when it costs them time, effort etc.
    Anyone should and can, do a favour for a friend or family, but extending that to complete strangers for NO reward or expectation of any return, proves that people CAN and ARE bigger than all the negativity we are constantly fed in the media.
    These people KNOW the meaning of life, they know that they are part of the world family, they lift my heart, renew my faith in human beings and are inspirational.

  2. Sadly, those sorts of parents are not rare these days. Many working parents also ignore their children, because they are too busy. It’s the ‘me’ society we live in.

    Sorry, took me a while to finish this comment: my son was talking to me and I had to take time to tell him to shut up while I type.

    I like your list.

  3. Your home made pizza looks delicious and I think if you’re happy with the camera in your phone and it’s the one you want to stick with, then tick it off your list with a spring in your step, and see it as having now a camera with a phone.
    I like your list. But the story is very upsetting. The mother needs a slap too…

    My hate list (off the top of my head):

    1. Ignorance. On every level.
    2. Being afraid. To be honest, I’m quite often afraid. For my children’s safety. For the future. Of losing people. And I really hate it because I want to enjoy every moment of the life I have.
    3. Being so cold it hurts.
    4. Arrogant drivers.
    5. That we have no support at all from my or my husbands family.

    My love list:

    1. My husband and each of my four children. For their individual traits. For their laughter. For their warmth. Perfect.
    2. Writing.
    3. Food. Eating it. Cooking it. Smelling it. Eating out.
    4. Music.
    5. Moments. With the children. With my husband. Alone. It can be a comment. A perfect sky. A happy look on someone’s face. A quick but unexpected kindness from another. A taste.

  4. Your pizza banquet looks delicious. I’m just about to chip away at another one from my list… 15 mins until my photo shoot. (Resisting the urge to bite my nails)

    5 things I love: (I’m going to omit spending time with friends and family as that’s a given, right?)

    1) Being outside in a beautiful location, (preferably in the woods) listening to the birds and the breeze rustling leaves in the trees.
    OR Sitting near the sea / river / lake / waterfall when there is nothing to hear but the movement of the water.
    2) Walking in the rain, getting soaked to the skin, but knowing there is a hot shower / warm blanket / or hot chocolate waiting for me when I get home.
    3) Laughing uncontrollably, especially when it’s for no reason.
    4) Being caught in a blossom blizzard (it’s only happened once but it was unforgettable).
    5) The sharp sweet taste of fresh pineapple when I’ve had a hard day.

    5 things I hate:

    1) Seeing children being ignored or mistreated in any way. If you wouldn’t treat an adult like that don’t do it to a child.
    2) Prejudice in all its forms. Treat others how you’d like to be treated. Respect others as you’d like to be respected. Racism in particular terrifies me.
    3) Radio adverts. I’ve just bought a radio (on new phone) but I can’t listen to it for more than 10 minutes without getting angry.
    4) Being bitterly cold and unable to do anything to get warm – especially at 3am when camping in the middle of nowhere.
    5) Being pitied. Thankfully it is rare – sympathy and empathy are absolutely fine, but pity is horrendous.

    Oh no! Times up! I need to get to that shoot. Wish me luck!

    • Thought I’d replied to this already, sorry,

      5) I never thought of, I don’t care much what people think of me, I suppose being humoured or tolerated worries me, like my friends saying amongst them selves, oh yeh, Dave, what an idiot, bless… running in the rain is cool, and mountain biking in the rain…wait a minute I have replied to this, i’m just writing the same thing, must have deleted my message somehow on my phone!!! I love fresh pineapple.

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