101 in 1001 Challenge

So I decided to have a go at this Project Day Zero thing, where you pick 101 challenges you must do in the next 1001 days.  It should stop me putting stuff off, even though I don’t really put stuff off that bad.  My life probably suits this kind of challenge already, I regularly push myself to do stuff my brain whispers it can’t be bothered doing.  Does that mean I lead an exciting life, or I’m just inclined towards laziness?  I don’t know, a mix of the two.  Still a few of my challenges are writing – blogging – self marketing and meet-new-people-ing and that’s already my intention for the future (my list has it’s own new tab above).  I’ve registered self employed since starting this blog, and am recording my accounts.  Lots going out and the occassional few pence coming in.  But it was intended as a push towards selling the things I previously just did for fun – writing and visual arts.

Anyway, I just sent off my design for a Manchesters artistic son T-shirt!  It’s basically this design on a white T.

And the background is now my new banner at the top of this page.  I hope you like it.  I thought that a beach on Anglesey isn’t really the most fitting banner for a blog called Manchester’s Artistic Son, so I patched together a host of my pictures of Manchester and did a bit of a photoshop number on them.

Talking about Manchester I went to the Picnic in Piccadilly Gardens on Saturday, it was okay.  I was expecting cream tea, scones, mini sandwiches cut into triangles and baby pork pies.  That’s my idea of a picnic.  I’ve never had paella on a picnic, or a portion of chips.  I shouldn’t be critical, its great to have cool and different stuff happening in the city.  What was nice was getting caught up in a Hare Krishna parade and eating some coconut cakes on Corporation Street.

So for the rest of August my free critique of fiction continues.  Had a few people interested but (thankfully) not snowed under with critiquing peoples work and still able to write a bit myself.   Click the link above if you want to read the details.  I’ll post something writerly in the next four days.


2 thoughts on “101 in 1001 Challenge

  1. Hi, It’s good to see you’ve published your 101 list.

    I also went to the Manchester Picnic. I didn’t see any cream tea or scones, (just strawberries with cream) but I did see mini sandwiches cut into triangles and baby pork pies. They were giving them away free at the stand selling picnics for 2 for £6.

    Did you get a free ‘goody’ bag? (Sadly minus the goodies this time – Last year they were full).

    • Doh, didn’t see any of that. Saw the drag-queen who was kinda hosting it. Saw lots of grilled goods. I only got there at 2:30pm for one reason or another so I presumed the goody bags had all gone, wasn’t that the first 500 people to visit? I read somewhere it was a limited supply. I’d eaten by half 2 so had a coffee and my nephew had a smoothie.

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