I meant to post something interesting here today, or yesterday, but I’m away in the Isle of Man.  Great times being had, my first visit…did you know most of the island’s roads have unlimited speed limits? 

 I’ve been sent this image to show the front of a book I’m having a poem published in this week, so here you go, job done.  Let me see what it’s like and I’ll post the link so you can all purchase a copy! I’m getting an authors copy or two.

Nothing else to offer.  So heres some pics from the Island, which for my friends in the colonies is of the coast of Britain, near Ireland, and is part of the British Isles geographically, but has it’s own money and parliament and isn’t in the EU.



5 thoughts on “AWOL

  1. Soooo, if you’re in the Isle of Man I can rob your apartment right?

    Or not, seeing as a) you have a flatmate with guardfish, b) I haven’t the faintest idea where you live, c) I don’t have any real inclination to.

    I like your photos. The top one is my favourite – I like the stillness and moodiness – Calm before the storm. I’d have used it as a screen saver if you hadn’t threatened to kill my pets if I right-click copied anything without permission. 🙂

    • Oh yeh, I forgot to put my watermark on. Do you have pets…or children? Well feel free, friends are allowed one right click before the strangling begins. Or you can buy prints at £6 8×6 or you can go on and buy canvases and phone skins and all sorts with my pics on etc. etc. I suppose you could use it as a screen saver as long as you spread the message.

      • Cool that’s good to know, thanks. I didn’t know you sold your photos.

        I do get lots of comments from my screen savers – always promoting different photographers.

        Do you know you can edit your post and upload photos with your watermark in their place? Resubmitting a post doesn’t redistribute it.

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