>Pictures from Stafford and Writing update

>Another short story for anyone idle enough to want one, this time by American writer Ambrose Bierce.  Today, which was as bland a day as ever there was one, I had my fourth story published in about six weeks.  It will be featured on Fiction 365 which I thought was pretty cool since I have my photo 365 project already and now am featured on this site.  You can find a new contemporary fiction story there everyday.  Mine will be published there in a month or so and I will post the link again when it is.  Hopefully I’ll be able to post the three links from the other stories too next month although they won’t all be free to view. 

I don’t quite know whether to keep featuring short stories people can read, post my own short stories and poems, post pictures, or just update with news about my own writing.  I like the mixture but I guess people like continuity.  I’ll update early in the week though because I have the second installment of my Manchester Writers Course tomorrow which was really interesting last month.  Then I’m going away to North Wales Tuesday and Wednesday so won’t have internet access.  Thanks for reading.

Some pictures from my Saturday trip to Stafford, especially from the park, the church and the castle.


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